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    Freelancer in Rajkot, India
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    Ronnie WebSolutions is a Full Stack IT Company based in Rajkot, India. We are among largest companies providing services in the Websites and Online Marketing sector. Our backbone is a professional team of 125+ professional Designers, Developers, Business Analysts, SEO and Business Development Exe. Why Ronnie...

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    Freelancer in SHENYANG, China
    2 Reviews

    We are ready to take your project & build it successfully. Our team is an excellent team with over 8 years of experiences in many sorts of skills. -Web scraping & crawling - Android & iOS, Mobile development, - HTML5, CSS, JQuery, - Python & Django, Flask, Yii framework, CakePHP, Web builder, MVC, - C++ & C#...

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    Freelancer in Majur, Serbia
    69 Reviews

    I am software developer, currently 2 exams away from Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Fluent in English, available 24/7. Always interested in new trends in IT industry, keen on working on challenging projects using cutting edge solutions. I also enjoy working on reverse engineering projects. I have...

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    Freelancer in Klaipeda, Lithuania
    57 Reviews

    CodeWizz is a web applications development company based in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. Our experience comes from building our own products. Don't have time to commit to your project yourself? Hire us. We will treat your project like we are building for ourselves. Click [more] to see full list of our...

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    Freelancer in jaipur, India
    74 Reviews

    =========== I Followed In My Whole Life after some unsuccessful time this Quote “ To go wrong in one's own way is better then to go right in someone else's ”. And Now I got some success because of my confident knowledge and honest behavior. ================================ I have more than 3.5 years of experience in...

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    Freelancer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    1 Reviews

    I am a professional freelance web and mobile developer, working in ASP .Net C#, JavaScript, HTML5 / CSS3 and Cordova/Phone-gap mobile application development. I have good knowledge and experience with framework. Over the last 3 years I've worked for many high developed companies that provide high range of web...

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Finding Firefox Developers on Freelancer

What is Firefox? Firefox is a free open-source web browser developed by Mozilla. First developed in 2002 by a community of software designers that were unhappy with the Mozilla software suite at the time. Their mission was to design a light, standalone web browser. It didn’t take long for Firefox (known as Phoenix in the early days) to become incredibly popular with tech-savvy crowd.

Firefox was then released to the general public in 2004. The web browser proved to be so popular that it was downloaded over 60 million times in only the first 9 months of its release. For the first time, Microsoft could begin to see the end of Internet Explorer. Users quickly noticed the difference in speed and security on the Mozilla system as opposed to Microsoft’s web browser.

At the time of this writing, Firefox is the primary web browser for anywhere from 10% -15% of desktop users according to Mozilla. These numbers place Firefox in second place behind Google Chrome, the world’s most used web browser.

A freelancer with expertise related to Mozilla Firefox to can be a valuable member of your web development team. In the testing phase of web development, a site or application must be tested to ensure cross-browser compatibility. A Firefox expert can make sure your website or application looks exactly how you intended it to when viewed in Firefox.

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