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  • BBGroup's Profile Picture
    Finite Element Analysis expert
    76 Reviews

    Knowledgeable at Finite Element Analysis to the design analysis, failure analysis and checking of a variety of components and systems. Worked on many engineering projects.

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  • yadavom1990's Profile Picture
    Finite Element Analysis expert
    44 Reviews

    Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a full grasp of the design processes and also manufacturing and construction methods. Experienced in all the product design stages.

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  • arifork123's Profile Picture
    Finite Element Analysis expert
    33 Reviews

    Experienced in reliability analysis, computational modeling, structural design, and project management, structural design, research projects from government,etc.

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  • BestCFD's Profile Picture
    Finite Element Analysis specialist
    26 Reviews

    Expert of AUTOCAD--versions 2.5 to 13. Well versed in custom programming. Worked with government and aerospace life support systems, electro-mechanical products.

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  • pasinduabrew's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kalutara, Sri Lanka
    11 Reviews

    I have 6+ years of Engineering design experience and completely fluent in the skills of Solidworks and Engineering Drawing. Seeking challenging design contracts based on my favorite 3D modeling CAD package SolidWorks®. I am a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) (Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp Certificate ID...

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  • aerorajesh's Profile Picture
    Finite Expert Analysis consultant
    17 Reviews

    Able to perform finite element linear and non-linear structural and thermal analyses on electronic packaging designs and airframe structures. Offers affordabe services.

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Finding Finite Element Analysis Engineers on Freelancer

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Engineers are now becoming more important for businesses today. Important applications of engineering analysis is where the analysis is conducted on an object divided into many smaller elements of rectangular or triangular shape, interconnected by the network of assembled nodes.

Finite Element Analysis engineers are involved in supporting all aspects of structural designing. They ensure that the structure designs and models are developed accordingly and tested under specified test condition. Their responsibility is to make sure that the developed model meets all essential standards and regulations.

Finite Element Analysis engineers are needed to be skilled and highly knowledgeable of the technical applications and procedures. Even though finding the right Finite Element Analysis engineer for your project’s needs is a daunting task, Freelancer.com makes it easier for you.

With over 19 million registered freelancers over the world, Freelancer offers a platform where you can look for the best Finite Element Analysis engineer that has the skills and experience your project needs. You'll be sure to find the perfect freelancer for your project. 

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Hire a Finite Element Analysis engineer on Freelancer.com that can provide you with services like the following:

  • Structural designing, development, and testing of finite element models
  • Verify the structured models and validates its representation of structural behavior.
  • Determine the internal stress and extract interface load of the models
  • Monitor other engineering activities and provide technical solution based on analysis results
  • Create and assemble finite element models of various parts based on the analysis result
  • Prepare strategic planning
  • Interpret analysis results

Simply log in, and post a project (with a detailed description of the work to be done) for free and receive competitive bids from expert freelancers from all around the world within minutes. Still not sure who to hire? Enlist the help of the Freelancer Recruitment team to help you find the perfect person for your project.

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Take a step further for the development of your company through hiring a Finite Element Analysis engineer on Freelancer.com. Post a project today!