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Top 6 FileMaker Developers Hired This Month

  • wping115's Profile Picture
    Proficient In FileMaker Development
    27 Reviews

    12 years of experience in FileMaker development. Worked with FM pro, FM GO, FM pro advanced, Bento, Web direct, Javascript, PHP, Shopify, Wordpress and Custom Web Publishing.

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  • bonech's Profile Picture
    FileMaker Expert Developer
    24 Reviews

    Technically-astute engineer and full time FileMaker expert developer since 1990. Worked with FileMaker 15, 14, 13, 12 and 7, on MAC, WIN, IPAD, IPHONE and Server.

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  • skywillmott's Profile Picture
    Highly Skilled FileMaker Developer
    10 Reviews

    Highly skilled FileMaker Developer. Also works on design and web programming (PHP, MySQL and WordPress), particularly with integrating FileMaker with web based systems.

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  • AlexBarattieri's Profile Picture
    Custom FileMaker Expert
    29 Reviews

    FileMaker and database integration expert. Custom software developing for small and medium business aimed at solving or managing specific issues or projects.

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  • MattyM01's Profile Picture
    Experienced FileMaker Professional
    24 Reviews

    More than 5 years experience with FileMaker Pro. Proficient in graphic design, Microsoft Access, database administration, Excel and database development.

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  • SiroosJafary's Profile Picture
    Versatile FileMaker Developer
    98 Reviews

    Versatile freelancer highly skilled in various fields such as VBA, FileMaker, Autocad, Civil 3D, 3D modeling and data processing. Five stars reviews for high quality, timely work.

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Finding FileMaker Developers on Freelancer

A database is important for every website ranging from commercial websites and news websites to blogging websites; also, a lot of businesses and corporations use databases to gather much-needed data these days. Programmers usually have a hard time developing these databases because it usually requires third-party applications and sometimes uses a programming language they seldom use; also, some databases only work on specific operating systems. That is why FileMaker exists; it is used by a lot of database programmers due to its ease of use and cross-platform environment.

FileMaker is a cross-platform relational database application which has a graphic user interface (GUI) and security features which would allow users to modify the database by dragging elements into layouts, screens, or forms. FileMaker is also usable on most Windows and Apple operating systems, making database programming possible on most computers. Lastly, FileMaker uses the SQL programming language and also possesses an ODBC interface.

If you’re in need of a FileMaker developer for your website, Freelancer.com has almost 100 of them you can choose from, sourced from all over the world. And even though the network is currently small, since FileMaker is becoming increasingly popular among database programmers, the network will continuously grow as you search for the perfect FileMaker developer for the job.

What’s more, since it’s still quite hard to come across a FileMaker developer in real life, having them readily available online will save you time, money, and frustration. More so, since Freelancer’s hiring process is designed to be quick, easy, convenient, efficient, and free for you to try out. All you have to do is post a project, fill out your specifications, and talk directly to interested FileMaker programmers in real time. There’s no more need to wait, to post delays, and since you set the fee you will pay to them, there won’t be any additional charges you’ll need to pay.

It’s just about you, the website you need to maintain, and the right FileMaker developer who can do everything you need.

Whether you’re just a start-up business or a huge corporation, hiring one of our Freelancers allows you to get the best FileMaker developers for the best prices. You can either specify an hourly rate or a full rate for the entire project. You can also choose to allow your candidates to bid for the lowest possible price.

And because FileMaker developers are relatively new compared to other database programming platforms, you won’t have a hard time browsing through the directory to check the ratings given to them by their previous employers, see how much money they’ve made through FileMaker programming, and read through their reviews about FileMaker programming. You can read up on their credentials, or you can start a chat with them and ask them yourself about their work experience and work ethic, and get to know everything you need to hire a FileMaker developer that you know you can trust to do the work you ask him or her to do.

And because FileMaker programming is just one of many types of computer programming, Freelancer’s FileMaker developers could also help you in:

  • Database Administration
  • Database Programming
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • MySQL programming
  • PHP programming
  • Website Design

And because they come from all over the world, it’s much easier to find one who knows what you need for your database or one that meets your desired credentials and qualifications.

Anything and everything is possible with the FileMaker developer at Freelancer.com. So post your project today, and find the FileMaker developer that can help you make it happen.