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Top 6 Fashion Designers Hired This Month

  • silviadzi5s's Profile Picture
    Creative Fashion Designer
    28 Reviews

    Creative fashion designer with IED Rome degree with more than 10 years of experience in fashion world, oriented to designing covers for magazines, creating LookBook and sketching.

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  • yvandenberg's Profile Picture
    Expert Fashion Designer
    35 Reviews

    Expert fashion designer with nine years of experience in fashion design, corporate clothing, technical drawing, spec sheets, pattern making, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign.

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  • viignette's Profile Picture
    Fashion Designer Expert
    31 Reviews

    Textile, graphic and fashion designer expert! Illustrator, photographer and retoucher; experienced in fashion industry, brilliant at Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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  • Gracelille's Profile Picture
    Resourceful Fashion Designer
    25 Reviews

    Resourceful Fashion designer with 10 years of experience designing for luxury brands and now designing own high quality label becoming a person of interest in fashion world.

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  • nicolawilson01's Profile Picture
    Fashion Designer Expert
    11 Reviews

    Experienced fashion designer expert with over 10 years of extensive experience in trend forecasting, print and graphic design, accessories design, design management.

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  • Zeeuuss's Profile Picture
    Visual and Fashion Designer
    17 Reviews

    Visual and fashion designer; award winner in Fashion and graphic design by World Skills Organization with experience of 4 years using CorelDraw and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Finding Fashion Designers on Freelancer

Whether you are looking to start a new clothing line or you’re developing an existing fashion label, at the heart of every successful fashion business is a professional fashion designer.

It's highly likely that you ooze your own 'passion for fashion' but no matter what your experience and background, your enthusiasm doesn't necessarily mean you are qualified enough in the current fashion trends and popular fashion to take your business to the next level, in some cases you may need to utilise the skills of a fashion designer.

If you need someone with more than just a penchant for the poncho you’re the best bet is to engage a freelance fashion designer so you can get a feel for their style and ensure they are a good ‘fit’ for your brand.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance fashion designer through Freelancer.com?


Hiring a fashion designer who is familiar with the latest popular fashion trends can provide your business or project with the versatility it needs to keep it ahead of the competition and take it to the next level. Freelancer.com supplies access to freelance fashion designers from all walks of life who possess a variety of designing skills and experience and have created styles to suit all tastes covering all ends of the fashion spectrum.

Choosing a freelance fashion designer for your project means that you can hire more than one designer at a time which will allow you to create a diverse range of popular fashion products incorporating a blended range of styles and experiences. If you hire a permanent employee, their range of skills may be limited to what and where they studied along with their previous experience, the result of this is that you'll be paying market rate for a fashion designer who won't be able to provide you with a flexible range of fashion designs.

Reduce cost

Freelance fashion designers work from home rather than from a fashion studio which means their overheads are reduced allowing them to pass those savings on to you. They’re not a permanent employee of your company so you can pay them based on their output rather than their time spent 'researching' current fashion trends in the shopping mall!

Up-to-date with popular trends

There is nobody more up-to-date with popular fashion trends than a skilled fashion designer. There are times when this could mean that their professional opinion differs from your personal judgement on what is popular and you may simply not like some of their creations.

Always remember that you have hired them based on their knowledge of current fashion trends, the experience of colours and materials and their understanding of popular fashion design techniques which may mean you are vetoed before the voting even begins! You have access to view their portfolio via Freelancer.com so you can see their style before you hire them to make sure that it matches up with your vision.

The fashion industry is highly competitive though and Freelancer.com provides a range of professional fashion designers with a variety of knowledge and experience allowing you to choose the fashion designer(s) who will suit your style, vision and budget completely in order to keep you ahead of your industry counterparts and provide a popular fashion product which will leave your clients wanting more!

View our range of freelance fashion designers who range from high fashion specialists through to popular fashion devotees. Whatever you’re looking for in a fashion design, we’ve got the freelancer for your exact needs.