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  • manoardi's Profile Picture
    Writer and Events Manager
    16 Reviews

    Knowledgable marketing and customer assistance expert. Skillset includes specializations such as Communication, European Systems, Project Management and Event Management

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  • weblinkbuilding's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jaipur, India
    810 Reviews

    We are one of the leading SEO Internet Marketing Company in India. Our experts are ready to help you improve Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines ranking using White Hat techniques. We are a team of 80+ dedicated Link builders, SEO experts, Web developers with big experience. Our main goal is to deliver quality...

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  • Zulucorp's Profile Picture
    Academic and Business Writer
    745 Reviews

    Profidient in Marketing, Accounting, HRM, Business Studies, Business Management, International Relations, Political Sciences, Psychology & Sociology among others.

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  • gregorybair's Profile Picture
    Business and Web Expert
    727 Reviews

    Provides professional business, accounting & finance consulting. Vast experience developing dozens of websites. Made over 600 business plans with insightful & detailed strategies.

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  • MRaza123's Profile Picture
    Professional Writer and Transcriber
    268 Reviews

    Versatile writer with experience in academic, essay, report and technical writing. Can do proposals regarding event planning or create material on strategic business planning.

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  • AryaM25's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
    5 Reviews

    I do consulting of Electronics ( mostly Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Matlab and Mathematica, Embedded Systems etc.) I do capstone projects as well as academic assignments, major and minor projects. I have a flair for creative writing and have over 2 years experience in content writing, content...

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Finding Event Planners on Freelancer

Event planning is a task that requires great organization, leadership, and expertise. Whether you are planning a small event for 20 staff members or big global conference for thousands, it is important that you enlist the skills of a dedicated event coordinator to ensure that your event, no matter how big or small, runs smoothly.

A professional event organizer will coordinate catering, location, entertainment, and refreshments, they will be the central point of contact for all orders and deliveries and they will ensure that somebody is, at all times, across the overall running of the event from the preliminary planning stage right through to the close and analysis of the event.

An event coordinator will create a meeting planner in the preliminary stages of event planning which coordinates the 'strategic, operational and logistical' elements necessary to execute a successful event.

If you are looking to plan an event, or you have an existing employee, or even a friend or family member who you think can be your event organizer then it is worth considering hiring a skilled and experienced professional whose services are available through Freelancer.com as an alternative. Their portfolio is available to view and as a freelance event manager or event organizer their experience is varied; from small family events to global corporate events, you will find a range of event coordinators whose experience will be relevant to your event.

Organizing an event is time-consuming and often stressful, and it is vital that whoever is coordinating your event ensures that even the smallest details are given the attention that they need. If you are going to use the services of an existing employee who already has an extensive list of daily tasks to carry out then expect things (especially those small details) to get missed, lost or confused - even the most organized of people make mistakes when placed in a stressful event based situation.

Event planners have to deal with a variety of individuals from guests to suppliers to accounts departments to delivery drivers which requires outstanding communication skills. Freelance event managers have a broad range of experience dealing with all personality types and job roles and are skilled in dealing with all people at all levels.

Hiring an event manager on Freelancer.com will ensure your event is planned and run by someone with a broad range of events experience to make sure that the occasion is a success. Organizing an event yourself or passing the task onto an existing employee will lead to a lack of focus to a task that requires complete dedication to being carried out successfully.

There is a multitude of layers to executing a successful event; from the initial meeting planning stage through to organizing suppliers and coordinating deliveries and entertainment to finalizing details and presenting the event, all while maintaining a professional and positive outlook.

If you want your event to be the sensation that it deserves to be, consider hiring a professional event coordinator through Freelancer.com to work remotely for your special event today.