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  • softechinfinites's Profile Picture
    Erlang Review Writer
    268 Reviews

    Professional writer and programmer. Services include: writing work, article writing, academic writing, thesis writing, content writing, website design, mobile applications, Excel.

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  • Mairas's Profile Picture
    Erlang Content Writer
    879 Reviews

    Offers writing solutions and provides quality articles, product reviews, white papers, research papers, marketing material and web content, blogging, and content writing.

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  • amiteshojha's Profile Picture
    Experienced Erlang Developer
    267 Reviews

    Highly proficient in Linux UNIX, Vmware, Openstack Cloud and Windows Server expert. Working as a server administrator/engineer, WHM Cpanel, Plesk, Postflix, and Zimbra Mail Server.

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  • iridescent2x15's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Lahore, Pakistan
    89 Reviews

    I have a creative, logical mind with a sensible approach towards find solution and a drive to envision things through to completion. I enjoy working as an individual or also able to do great in a team. In short, I am reliable, dependable, hard working and desperate to learn. Services I offer: 1. C, C++ Programm ...

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  • ahmsak's Profile Picture
    Erlang Programmer
    150 Reviews

    Client satisfaction is the top priority. Area of knowledge includes: algorithms and designs, complexity analysis, recursion and recurrence solving, functional and logic programming.

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  • amcorreia's Profile Picture
    Erlang Developer
    140 Reviews

    More than 8 years experience managing Linux servers like firewall, proxy, mail, VPN, etc. Also knowledgeable in Pythong, Django, PHP, DNS, troubleshooting, and web scraping.

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Finding Erlang Developers on Freelancer

Erlang is one of the thousands of computer programming languages in use across the globe today. With many programming languages being specific to certain areas, Erlang differs as it is a generalized program with various uses.

Erlang is a computer programming language that is commonly used in the fields of finance and online business. Erlang programmers not only have the skills to build systems and applications from the ground up but also to carry out repairs and remove bugs from smaller sections of existing programs.

Erlang is an intricate program and professionals found on Freelancer.com, who have skills and experience in this programming language, have the necessary attributes to bring a range of benefits to your company.

A trained Erlang programmer can provide a quality service at a low-cost price. They often have the facility to work from home which keeps their overheads low, so when the budget is set the employer is not paying for office and facility requirements, the charge merely reflects the cost for the programmer to provide their Erlang service.   As there are no set office hours to abide by as there are with specialist computer programming companies, an Erlang freelancer will have the freedom and flexibility to choose their working hours. This means that if a project requires working long into the night to complete it within an agreed timeframe, that’s what they’ll do.

An Erlang specialist who can be found in the Freelancer.com community can provide an employer with the benefit of their varied programming experience. The freelancer will upload their profile to Freelancer.com, which will include details of all of their specialized training and qualifications they have so that if you have a project which needs completing using specific Erlang skills, you can match your project needs to their experience.

If you’re looking to earn a generous wage without committing to the routine and drudgery of a permanent position and you’re trained in Erlang programming, then sign up to Freelancer.com today. The sooner you list your valuable Erlang skills and experience, the sooner you can start taking advantage of the benefits of working on a program that you love within your own terms and conditions. There are thousands of employees waiting to match your skills with their project and as a freelancer, your opportunities for employment are endless as your skills can be utilized all over the world.

Whether you are a computer programmer with specialized skills in Erlang, or you’re a company with a particular need for an Erlang programmer then utilizing the Freelancer.com platform will bring benefit to both. This is the place where the skills and experience of an Erlang programmer are matched with the Erlang project need of a company so that both parties can achieve their desired outcome with minimum fuss and maximum performance.

The process couldn’t be simpler visit Freelancer.com today and take advantage of the comprehensive sign-up system. The sooner your project is posted, the sooner it can be completed; or the sooner your skills are listed, the sooner you can view the thousands of Erlang projects which will meet your specific criteria.