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  • ShuklaA's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Patna, India
    32 Reviews

    Areas of Service: Regulatory Compliance Business Writing Legal Writing Project Report and Market Research Report Business Plan Content/Review/Report writing Strategic Management Securities Law and Stock Trading Labor Law and Arbitration Accounting and Administration Financial Planning and Analysis Direct and ...

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  • gauravsaggi's Profile Picture
    Specialist In Employment Law
    698 Reviews

    Completed more than 250 projects related to employment law, patent law, legal writing and drafting of contracts. Five star feedback for efficient, cost-effective services.

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  • mus78khan's Profile Picture
    Resourceful Employment Law Professional
    5 Reviews

    Resourceful lawyer with vast experience in employment law. Expertise areas include legal research, contract writing, legal writing and negotiating contracts. High success rate.

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  • Smartwriter89's Profile Picture
    Competent Employment Law Consultant
    159 Reviews

    Competent lawyer well versed in employment law. Offers reasonably priced services in contract writing, legal writing, legal research, academic writing and drafting of transactions.

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  • Mairas's Profile Picture
    Competent Employment Law Consultant
    879 Reviews

    Several years experience in the areas of employment law. Multiple specialty areas including bankruptcy law, employment law, contract drafting, legal research and legal writing.

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    Freelancer in Alberta, Canada
    937 Reviews

    I am a Google Certified PPC professional with a MBA (Marketing) from University of Toronto with 5 years of experience for a Toronto-based digital marketing agency leading the Adwords team. I have worked on Adwords and Bing campaigns for SMEs as well as for corporations. If you face problems in running your online A ...

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Finding Employment Lawyers on Freelancer

How can an employer protect their interests? These days, business owners who fail to protect themselves from liability traps, such as employee discrimination, wrongful termination and contract disputes, open themselves up to potential risk. The workplace legal system is so complex and intricate that each and every employer needs to take steps to protect themselves completely, and you are no exception.

Employment law refers to legal issues and rights or restrictions regarding people in a workplace. It is a specific area of law encompassing all areas regarding the employer and the employee relationship. Employment law is a detailed area, and it is important that if you have employees, you have an employment lawyer who can make sure that your company is meeting their obligations in every area.

Some services that an employment lawyer can provide, include:

  • Contracts and signed agreements
  • Behaviour in the workplace
  • Parental leave
  • Employee investigations
  • Redundancy and termination

Lawyers who specialize in the area of employment law have completed many years of study to gain their expert knowledge. It is because of this that their skills are in high demand and will come at a cost to your organization. While it is necessary to always have the skills of an employment lawyer at your disposal due to the intricate nature of the sector, hiring a permanent employment lawyer can be an expensive and resource-draining experience.

It may be tempting to manage legal issues yourself with your basic knowledge of employment law however it is a dedicated area, and it is important that you have dedicated personnel who are up to date with recent developments in the industry to avoid any repercussions for your company.

Hiring an employment lawyer through Freelancer.com will eliminate the financial weight on your organization but will ensure that at all times, the legal needs of your company are met. You can hire an employment law professional as and when the need arises based on their specific experience and qualifications to suit your need.  

A freelance employment law specialist will have a range of skills and professional experience; they will be paid per hour or per project to reduce your legal costs significantly. You will not be liable for any ongoing employment or recruitment costs with an employment law freelancer as they will be paid based on their output.

Whether you are simply having new contracts drawn up, or you are looking to carry out a complete overhaul in an area of your business, it’s important that you have all of the legal work undertaken by a professional employment lawyer. Log onto Freelancer.com today to view the extensive range of employment lawyers available to work on your project.