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  • AndryNik's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kiev, Ukraine
    19 Reviews

    Embedded programming C

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  • delamoure's Profile Picture
    Qualified Embedded Software Engineer
    19 Reviews

    Qualified Embedded Software Engineer. Expert in Altium designing, Multisim, Orcad, Proteus and C Programming. Capable of delivering work in time with highest quality and standard

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  • mechatronicsengr's Profile Picture
    Embedded Software Development Expert
    53 Reviews

    Sufficient experience in Embedded Software Development. Core areas of expertise include microcontroller programming & development on AVR, Arduino and ARM. Great value for money

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  • stathisv's Profile Picture
    Embedded Software Development Expert
    7 Reviews

    Qualified Embedded Software development expert holding PhD degree in Video Coding. Highly proficient in Programming, iMX28 and iMX6 with exceptional skills.

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  • reinerotto's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Marl, Germany
    8 Reviews

    Did a lot of good stuff.

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  • Shahzeb's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Singapore, Singapore
    12 Reviews

    Expert Embedded Systems engineer and all-around software developer with over 13 years of experience in design and development of embedded systems. * System design/architecture development and requirements analysis for a wide range of Embedded Systems * Embedded/Real-time Operating Systems: QNX, Embedded Linux, A ...

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Finding Embedded Software Developers on Freelancer

Embedded software is uniquely written specifically to control machines and dedicated devices that are not considered to be computers.

Items that require the services and expertise of an embedded software expert may include electronic cars, modems, telephones, home appliances, children's toys, security systems for the home, pacemakers, set top boxes, digital watches – the list is endless.

The technology can be used to develop a simple 8-bit microprocessor as well as a tremendously complex software system for airplanes and missiles. Embedded software services can turn a design or concept into a fully functional system including hardware and software interfacing. 

If you’re in the market for an embedded software expert for your next project, engaging an experience and intelligent freelancer can allow you to develop a product that is both affordable and function.

Embedded software freelancers are a great option for new software development as their hourly or project rates are far more affordable, and they can be available at a time that suits you. If you are based overseas or you need work done quickly, engaging a number of freelance embedded software specialists is an innovative way to get your project completed and finalized quickly and efficiently without the delays of a traditional employee/employer arrangement.

Freelancer.com offer a wide range of freelance embedded software experts for projects of all sizes and the process for engaging a freelancer is simple.

Step 1. Log onto Freelancer.com and view all of the freelancers available and view their personal pages to see their experience, feedback, and examples.

Step 2. Create your project brief and either share it directly to a freelancer or offer it out to bids

Step 3. Speak with your shortlisted freelancers via chat to determine if their experience fits your project requirements.

Step 4. Once you are happy with your selected freelancers, award your project, set up milestones and your project begins.

Step 5. Your freelancer will complete your project and once you are happy you can release the funds.

Hiring an embedded software expert with knowledge in all areas of computer software engineering and embedded software development is easy if you know where to look.

However you choose, ensure you select a freelancer that have the knowledge, skill and attitude that you are looking to hire for your project. Freelancers should be competent in the hardware and software you would like to use for your project and have the skillset for your exact project, and they should also be able to handle frequent changes and developments. If you can find someone who ‘fits’ your business needs, your project should run smoothly.

Finding the perfect freelancer for your needs is simple when you use a platform like Freelancer.com. Have all the freelancers you seek at your fingertips, including an array of experience, knowledge, and systems all via the Freelancer platform.

View the range of freelance embedded software experts and find a candidate for your exact requirements at Freelancer.com today.