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  • RegulViktor's Profile Picture
    Electronics Appliances Development Specialist
    122 Reviews

    Vast experience in app development in Android, iPhone, Electronics and iOS using phonegap and native environment. Portfolio includes taxi app, GPS tracker, game app and social app.

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  • seshupower's Profile Picture
    Expert in Electronics
    58 Reviews

    Expert electronics and unity game development. High quality at quick turnaround with more than 3 years experience in Electronics, iPhone, mobile phone and Android development.

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  • websat13's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in TLEMCEN, Algeria
    48 Reviews

    hello everybody i have now over 1 year working at a freelancer, and i have also 10 years experience in developing embedded systems. i have skills in general electronics, PCB design (altium designer and eagle cad), simulation software (Proteus), Programming Software (Keil C51, C166, MikroC (PIC, 8051, AVR), MPLAB...

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  • AndrijIN's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Beregovo, Ukraine
    9 Reviews

    Electronic Engineer. Development of analogue and digital electronic circuits and devices. 3 years experience in development of digital control and testing circuits, using microcontrollers, PCB design, firmware development. Software development of user interfaces in Python under Linux and Windows.

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  • sagradoamicus's Profile Picture
    Electronics Development Professional
    197 Reviews

    More than 3 years professional experience in Objective C, Electronics development, Android, mobile phone, iPhone development. Experience in iOS programming.

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  • kasunthdinesh's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    16 Reviews

    I am a professional embedded system engineer who is currently working as an electronics engineer for a leading technology solutions provider in Sri Lanka. My mission is to provide error free optimum solutions with value added services for my clients by understanding their needs. I have expertise on: -...

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Finding Electronics Engineers on Freelancer

Electronics involves investigation into the behavior, movement, and control of electrons (or electricity). In particular, electronics encompasses the design and creation of circuits using specific componentry such as transistors and microchips, and manipulation of electron flow using vacuums, gasses and semiconductors. The movement of electrons is achieved by devices that resist, switch, guide, and store electrons.  

Electronics is prevalent in all walks of society in varying levels of sophistication. Central to the ideation and creation of electronics products or services are electronic engineers.

The origins of the electronic engineering profession can be traced to the telegraph industry in the late 1800s and telephone and radio technologies from around one hundred years ago. A captivation with radio and communication stimulated demand for services and later a strong interest in transmission involvement. The Second World War and the associated explosion of electrical equipment for services such as radar, sonar, communication and warfare further influenced the growth of the electronic engineering profession.

A diverse range of electric engineering subfields exists today including consumer electronics, telecommunications, radio engineering, control systems, signal processing power electronics, computer engineering, robotics and embedded systems

Electronic engineers are typically highly trained and intelligent. A Bachelor's level degree in Engineering, Science, Applied Sciences or Technology is common, with a minimum 3-4 years study conventional. The study typically extends entrants knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics and other topics specific to electronics. Some engineers will embark on further study towards a Masters of Engineering or Engineering Doctorate.

If you are looking for a freelance electronic engineer, there are a variety of skills you should seek proficiency in. These include (but are not limited to):

  • MS Office - Knowledge of the MS Office suite is useful for documents, presentations, database management and more.
  • AutoCAD - AutoCAD supports computer-aided design and drafting.
  • C++ programming - Knowledge of this programming language is useful for tasks such as micro-controller coding, or programming other applications.
  • VHDL - VHDL is a hardware description language frequently used in VLSI design and electronic design automation.
  • Python - Python knowledge is practical for process automation and numerical methods.
  • PLC & SCADA - Assists remote monitoring and control as well as industrial automation.
  • Labview - Labview enables analysis of electrical machines and power engineering design.
  • Mat Lab - And finally, Matlab is useful for modeling and signal processing tasks.

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