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  • jw010699's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ajijic, United States
    71 Reviews

    Professional word worker with 36 years of experience, offering editing, proofreading, and writing services. Native English speaker, conversant with American, British, and Canadian English. Awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. Quick, cooperative, exacting, professional service. Exc ...

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  • georgiagreville's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kelvin Grove, Australia
    19 Reviews

    I'm a recent graduate of the University of Queensland, ranked in the top 30 universities worldwide, where I completed a dual Bachelor's degree in Law/Arts majoring in International Law and Politics, with first class honors. I've previously worked as a research clerk/paralegal with an immigration law firm, as well a ...

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  • greatwords4you's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in AUCHENFLOWER, Australia
    11 Reviews

    Writing, editing & proofreading learning materials over 10 years for the Distance Education arm of TAFE Queensland at the pre-tertiary level means that your project will be done by a freelancer well versed in English grammar, as well as sentence and document structure. Teaching and marking English for 20 years me ...

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  • Bahati3's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Pretoria, South Africa
    17 Reviews

    Hi! I'm a freelance writer and editor with several years of experience. Having published several articles online and written countless more in a ghostwriting capacity, I am able to approach each project with proven experience and professionalism. I have excellent research and writing skills that enable me to prod ...

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  • raybouvier's Profile Picture
    Ebook Editing Specialist
    12 Reviews

    Experienced editor with excellent command of the English language and a sharp eye for detail. Providing services in Proofreading, Amazon Kindle and ebooks.

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  • KarenTranslator's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Yerevan, Armenia
    14 Reviews

    Welcome to my profile! My name is Karen and i'm a translator, rewriter, editor and proofreader, currently working as a full-time freelancer. My ultimate goal is to fully understand the task of a project and provide 100% accurate and satisfying result. In addition to this, my professional and personal background ...

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Finding Editors on Freelancer

Editing is defined as the ‘preparation of material for publication by correcting, condensing, modifying or otherwise adapting it’. This particular definition refers more specifically to written content, but the same theory applies regardless of the editing channel.

Editing occurs during the final stages of compilation before publication, distribution or deployment of written or graphical content. The importance of high-quality editing cannot be overstated. Ensuring information flows crisply, accurately, is easy to understand and free from glaring errors is of utmost importance. Substandard work that is released can irreversibly damage the integrity of the work as well as a publisher’s or individual reputation.

Working as an editor, whether in video editing, copywriting, proofreading, websites, graphics or books requires a diversity of skills. Prowess in the following areas is particularly useful when forging a career in editing, or if you are searching for a high-quality editor:

  • Strong grammar - As an editor, other people’s errors become your responsibility. The editing individual often plays final gatekeeper ensuring no grammatical or related errors slip through to production. While somewhat less critical in digital content, removing errors upfront staves off potential embarrassment in the public arena.
  • Ability to write effectively - Editors need to ensure that a piece of content flows smoothly and reads impeccably. Writing is a key skill of a successful editor to enable careful modification that improves readability.
  • A careful eye - Strong attention to detail and expertise in optimizing assignments is obligatory.
  • Design strength - If you operate in an editing niche where design is a key deliverable, then it is critical you have robust skills and experience in design.
  • Confidence bordering on ruthlessness - The people whose work you critique will not always sympathize with your views. Confidence in your ability and the ability to clearly communicate added value is immeasurable when reviewing commissioned work.

If you are searching for a skilled person to complete an editing job or project, then a freelance editor might be just what you need. Freelancers work on a project specific basis and are typically highly efficient and incentivized to provide a service that exceeds expectations.   

Freelancer.com is home to thousands of freelancers with a broad variety of editing skills in a variety of niches. Connecting with top ranking editing freelancers is simple. Post a job and within minutes you will begin to attract the attention of hundreds of freelancers from throughout the globe interested in completing your task. Review freelancers by their skills, bid amount, quality star rating, and past experience. Once you are comfortable, you’ve found the right freelancer award your project and get your work underway. Find the perfect freelance editor for your next project today!