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    Experienced Data Mining Professional
    386 Reviews

    Experienced freelancer with over 10 years in the field of Data Mining. Knowledgeable in helpdesk and provides technical support, data mining and web search.

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  • jhliuster's Profile Picture
    Experienced Data Mining Professional
    354 Reviews

    Expert in data mining, data entry, database programming and statistical analysis. Skilled in developing VBA programs. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all.

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    Proven Data Mining Expert
    249 Reviews

    Proven track record in survey implementation, data analysis, data mining and processing, Excel, database programming and forecasting future outcomes in financial markets.

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  • hussainasif70's Profile Picture
    Expert Data Mining Professional
    21 Reviews

    Expert in Excel, Data Mining, copy typing, PDF, data entry, copy typing and web search. Very reliable and recommendable freelancer to all people in the field .

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    Data Mining Expert
    209 Reviews

    Expert in data entry and data mining with skills in database administration, excel and web search. Delivers high quality work with quick turnaround for all clients.

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  • Venkat2011sri's Profile Picture
    Expert Data Mining Freelancer
    109 Reviews

    Expert provider in server and networking solution, web development, ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) digital marketing, PHP, Wordpress , data entry and data mining.

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Finding Data Mining Experts on Freelancer

Data mining is the process of taking basic data and transforming it into information that can be used to boost the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Companies commonly use data mining in sales and marketing to establish buying habits of customers. The ability to use data mining to identify patterns of behaviors not only in customers but also in employees and suppliers allows the company to adjust their marketing campaigns to improve their bottom line.

Are you in need of a Data Mining Expert? Struggling to find a skilled Data Mining Professional? Perhaps you could look into hiring an independent data mining expert from Freelancer.com. Hiring an expert on Frelancer.com  offers the best combination of expertise with cost effectiveness to suit your business needs.

An independent data mining expert will do the following for you:

  • Collect and integrate data from different sources.
  • Analyse all the collected data and highlight that data that is useful for your project needs.
  • Apply different techniques to clean the collected data and remove or resolve any inconsistencies, errors and missing values that are contained in the data.
  • Transform the cleaned data into forms that are more appropriate for mining. Some of the techniques used may include smoothing, normalization, and aggregation.
  • Apply appropriate data mining techniques such as clustering and association analysis to the aggregated and cleaned data to discover any relevant patterns.
  • Assess the patterns presented in the data, remove redundant patterns and transform the information into a visual presentation that will enable you to make better decisions for your business.

The first step to taking advantage of the benefits that data mining offers is to hire the right freelancer and the best place to start your search for such a professional is on Freelancer.com.

When you look for a data mining expert on Freelancer.com you have full control of the process. When you post a project you can be as specific as possible about the professional you are looking for, the time frame within which you want the work done and the budget within which you want the work done.

Once your project is posted, you can screen all of the bids that you receive and choose the person who is most qualified for the job.

Hiring a freelance data mining expert via Freelancer offers a wide range of benefits to employers and can often be a lower rate than traditional expert couriers who are employed on a full-time basis. 

If you’re looking for a solution for your data mining needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option. 

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project. Post your project today and give your marketing a much-needed boost by hiring the right data-mining expert on Freelancer.com.