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  • hasance06's Profile Picture
    Versatile construction monitoring authority
    182 Reviews

    Versatile professional with diverse skills including structural design, construction monitoring, civil engineering, AutoCAD, architectural design, and engineering analysis.

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  • greendeslab's Profile Picture
    Experienced construction monitoring supervisor
    29 Reviews

    Services include 3D rendering, construction monitoring, structural design, steel structure design, reinforced concrete design, project scheduling and civil engineering.

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  • DaveHub2020's Profile Picture
    Qualified construction monitoring professional
    46 Reviews

    Qualified engineer with specialist expertise in construction monitoring, geology, civil engineering, project management, Excel, CAD, CAM, management accounting and engineering.

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  • gauravsaggi's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in LUCKNOW, India
    718 Reviews

    Completed 710+ LEGAL projects on Freelancer related to CONTRACTS, PATENTS, TERMS FOR WEBSITE, PRIVACY POLICY,LEGAL RESEARCH, TRADEMARK, BUSINESS PLAN,ADVISORY and IT LAWS. Neeraj Associates was formed in 2005 in India with an Objective of delivering most competent legal solutions at the most affordable price to serve...

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  • Billah230's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh
    157 Reviews

    Hi Guys,This is Billah, Web developer as well as Web Designer. I know the value of digital identity for a business/company. I can build your digital identity. A quality website that can reflect your business. So your customer will find out easily to know more about your business. You know those days many user visit...

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  • aminbros's Profile Picture
    Experienced construction monitoring team
    147 Reviews

    Team of highly skilled professionals with combined expertise in aerospace engineering, construction monitoring, Matlab & Mathematica, mathematics, statistics and Python.

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Finding Construction Monitors on Freelancer

The construction monitoring process is focused on the accurate and positive manner of checking quality, accuracy and progress of a construction project. Throughout the process, specialists oversee all aspects of the construction and are focused on monitoring due diligence. Construction monitoring experts provide reports, updates, and advice to construction teams, management and investors.

Areas that a construction monitor will focus on in a project include:

  • Overall quality control in a build 
  • The construction environment and ensuring it is effective and safe
  • Construction timelines and build goals
  • Negotiations and supplier/contractor performance
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Materials management
  • Observations of work in process
  • Consultations with owners and contractors during work phase
  • Progress reports including budget, photos, and schedule variances
  • Conforming with plans and specs as with the development application

The construction monitor is essential focused on risk management during the construction phase and is an experienced individual who has been involved in a number of construction projects of a similar scale.

Construction monitors work for the client and are engaged to independently verify that all construction work has been done to meet specific building requirements.

To engage a professional construction monitor, employers should consider the following areas before selecting an individual for the job:

  • The importance of the project
  • The size and scale of the project
  • The complexity of the construction
  • Experience of the construction manager and their skill set and experience

Construction monitoring managers are engaged on big projects to ensure the design and plans are interpreted correctly, and all work is carried out by the plans.

Compliance is a major focus of construction monitoring, and their job is to constantly monitor all elements of the build to ensure the highest level of construction standards are being used throughout by all levels of staff in the construction phase.

If you’re looking for a construction monitor for your project, consider engaging a freelance expert to save money, conserve time and get the best person for the job.

Freelancer construction monitors provide an array of benefits to employers including flexible work hours, availability for projects of all sizes and lower hourly or project rates due to lower overheads.

Employers looking to hire a construction monitoring expert should log onto Freelancer.com to view the extensive range of experts available to work on a project. Browse profiles and reviews from past projects and gain access to a global bank of construction monitoring experts ready to start work today.