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  • tomwt's Profile Picture
    Experienced Chemical Engineering Consultant
    17 Reviews

    Chemical engineering consultant with more than 20 years of experience in advanced chemistry. Provides aid with developing formulas, finding ingredients, or general knowledge.

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  • daratmf's Profile Picture
    Chemical Engineer Consulting Group
    29 Reviews

    Chemical engineer consulting group skilled in thermodynamics. Provides consulting on dynamics, and life-relative forms of chemical engineering, including food checmistry.

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  • MasterOfNumbers's Profile Picture
    Chemical/Mechanical Engineer
    1 Reviews

    Chemical/mechanical engineer with expert knowledge in Matlab, research, report writing, and chemistry related subjects such as simulation, optimization, and algorthims.

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  • rprocess's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in houston, United States
    9 Reviews

    I am passionate about resolving process engineering issues for clients. If you need a detail design of refinery, LNG or gas processing plant, I have team of process engineers that can complete within the schedule. - Process engineering within Oil and Gas domain. Detailed Distillation columns design, simulations...

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  • Wernyhora's Profile Picture
    Expert Chemical Engineer
    56 Reviews

    Expert chemical engineer specializing in household products and chemicals. Experience in an R&D lab for one year and a private chemical engineer in pharmaceuticals for 2 years.

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  • conforti's Profile Picture
    Professional Chemical Engineer
    28 Reviews

    Professional chemical engineer with expertise in chemical simulations, and data sheets. Offers help with creating flow diagrams, instrumentation diagrams and instruction manuals.

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Finding Chemical Engineers on Freelancer

Why hire a chemical engineer? Structural engineers are trained to develop safe and efficient chemical use processes. For example, chemical engineers will work on processes such as industrial food processing, fertilizer production and the construction of synthetic fibers. Whatever the challenge may be, chemical engineers use their knowledge of math and science (mainly chemistry) to solve whatever problem the organization might be facing.

Whatever your organization’s chemical usage process might involve, a chemical engineer could certainly make it more efficient and safe. A chemical engineer could also help to ensure that your process complies with all local, state and federal regulations. This may sound like quite an extensive job description and it certainly is. However, chemical engineers are very well prepared for the expectations the market has for them. Current standards in the industry require that chemical engineers possess at a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. However, many organizations require a Master’s level degree.

As an industry outsider unfamiliar with chemical engineering and without the formal training required in the industry, the learning curve may seem steep and lead to significant frustration as well as setbacks such as failure to comply with local code and requirements for chemical usage safety. Attempting to use potentially hazardous chemicals without the proper experience is not advisable. The solution to this issue, however is rather simple: hire a chemical engineer.

A public project is a great way to get your chemical engineering projects started on Freelancer. Write a detailed description of your project outlining your objectives and expectations and wait for the competitive bids to roll in! Posting a public project on Freelancer is free and a great way to get your feet wet in the world of freelance engineering. A public project would be a great way to request help with biochemical engineering questions as well.

If you have a specific set of skills or experience in a freelancer, give the Freelancer Directory a try. Using the directory, you can search for a freelancer using a number of criteria to filter through the thousands of experienced chemical engineering firms available for hire on Freelancer. Once you find a freelancer that you are interested in, take a look at their profile. Take a look through their portfolios and reviews to help you make your final decision. Once you decide, you can even make the freelancer an offer directly from their profile!

Still having trouble deciding on the perfect freelancer for your chemical engineering task? We understand. There’s a lot of great freelancers out there! Thankfully, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the top chemical engineering freelancers on the site and made them available to you via our Talent Recruiters. These recruiters will contact the site’s top talent and ask them to consider placing a bid on your project. Instantly gain access to competitive bids from the site’s top talent and get advice from our helpful recruiters. They’re sure to make your next chemical engineering project is a huge success!

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