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    Professional Cartoonist For Hire
    69 Reviews

    Experience with art since childhood; art is inspired from films and video games; creative and intricate with caricature and cartoons; teacher at a digital design institute

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  • igordesic's Profile Picture
    Expert Caricaturist Online
    73 Reviews

    Art school graduate; broad experiences in drawing, painting, and digital art; professional with experience in art using different styles and media to create caricature and cartoons

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    Freelancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    33 Reviews

    I´m Cristian Bernardini, an illustrator from Argentina. Graduated as a Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University. I enjoy working with a wide variety of media including acrylic paint and watercolours as well as creating combined traditional and digital artwork. My illustrations are used for fiction and non fict ...

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  • elinavarro's Profile Picture
    Expert Caricaturist Services Available
    91 Reviews

    Years of experience working as a comic book illustrator; open to expansion of skills as a professional caricaturist; previous work with comics helped with projects as caricaturist.

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  • designsbyrsauer's Profile Picture
    Expert Caricaturist For Hire
    42 Reviews

    25 years of experience working as visual artist; also available for work in caricature and cartoons; extensive skills in brainstorming help with coming up with unique cartoons

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  • RHCaricatures's Profile Picture
    Expert Caricaturist Available Online
    31 Reviews

    Expert in Adobe Photoshop and Inkscape to create the best caricature and cartoons; experienced in other fields of art; caricature artist with a sense of creativity and originality.

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Finding Caricature & Cartoonist Artists on Freelancer

A caricature is an artistic rendering of an image whereby distinctive features or peculiarities are simplified or exaggerated deliberately as a form of entertainment or amusement. The origin of the term “caricature’ stems from the Italian word ‘caricare’, meaning to charge or to load. A formal translation of caricature means “loaded portrait.”

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with some of the early forms of caricature, creating artistic impressions more striking than a common portrait. Da Vinci used models with disfigurement or deformity in these ‘caricatures’.

Caricaturists and Cartoonists employ tactics such as gentle mockery, comedy, ridicule, satire, and even social or political commentary through the use of distorted drawings and images. Artists draw inspiration from natural and acquired characteristics of individual subjects such as large ears or facial hair, or will focus on pronounced vanities including clothing items or mannerisms.

Caricatures are traditionally drawn by sketching, using distinctive pencil strokes, or artistic drawings, although increasingly common is the use of computer software programs to digitize images. Creating caricatures or illustrations in computer graphics programs requires advanced skills in computer aided design, and knowledge of selected graphics software, and is typically a more intensive process.

Increasingly, software programs are attempting to automate the creation of caricatures using warping tools for rapid production. However, businesses seeking professional caricatures primarily opt to employ the services of a skilled artist.    

Common applications of caricature include political commentary and editorial opinion in popular newspapers, and social perspectives in print magazines. Caricature type cartoons are frequently used in comics, or children's books, avatars, website illustrations, the creation of clip art, or for use in other publications. A skilled artist will design directly from photos, drawings, or with the use of a live model.  

Outside of business use, caricatures often drawn specifically for an individual benefactor, purchased as a gift or souvenir. Accomplished caricaturists quickly complete drawings at public gatherings such as carnivals, fairs and popular tourist attractions with much hilarity.

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