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  • etakeh32's Profile Picture
    Buyer Sourcing Specialist Online
    136 Reviews

    An excellent buyer sourcing specialist to ensure minimization of company wastages and losses, increasing profits and further improving the performance of the clients' company.

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  • mcapelle's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Parklands, South Africa
    81 Reviews

    Fully bilingual French / English. 20 years experience in the mechanical engineering field, working in English as well as French. French is my native language, but I have been living and working in Australia and South Africa for the past 22 years. I can do commercial, legal, technical translations as well as proofre ...

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  • KolkoWriting's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Ingaran, Indonesia
    2 Reviews

    Kolko Writing can serve all people or companies around the world with an affordable price and professional. (1) The benefit from our writing services : - We can work on the target - We are usually can write 5-10 articles a day for 800-1000 words for 1 article - We write 100% no plagiarism and no errors on it - We ...

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  • DRIsaac's Profile Picture
    Reliable Buyer Sourcing Consultant
    1053 Reviews

    A trustworthy buyer sourcing consultant that delivers positive results beginning from the planning stage until the procurement of raw materials and estimation of inventory prices.

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  • linuxfreak1985's Profile Picture
    Reliable Buyer Sourcing Manager
    1520 Reviews

    A good buyer sourcing manager that enables the clients' company to meet its production objectives and company sales goals. Committed to helping clients all the way.

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  • rony47's Profile Picture
    Experienced Buyer Sourcing Expert
    2326 Reviews

    Equipped with the technical know-how of the trends in purchasing to avoid risks of loss alongside poor planning and management to enhance the production chain of business.

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Finding Sourcing Buyers on Freelancer

Buyer sourcing refers to the practice of searching for potential suppliers that are able to provide supplies or unrefined products at a lower price than the employee’s company is currently paying. This individual is responsible for researching and negotiating a contract with a supplier that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Buyer sourcing activities are very important to any organization that does not own the entire supply chain for the product that it creates. Negotiating a better deal for components farther down the supply chain will translate into lower prices for consumers and higher profits for the organization. It’s a win-win for every party involved.

A freelancer with experience conducting buyer sourcing activities can provide an incredible amount of value to your organization. With the ability to save your company money in both the short and the long term, an experienced buyer sourcing  expert will be able to conduct thorough market research and negotiate an incredible deal to bring a new partner into your supply chain. Get your manufacturing process operating more cost efficiently by finding your next buyer sourcing contractor on Freelancer.com.

Do we have you interested in hiring a freelancer for your next buyer sourcing project? You’ve come to the right place! Freelancer.com is the web’s premier source for crowdsourcing and boasts some of the world’s most talented contractors. You’re sure to be blown away by the quality and quantity of the freelancers on our site.

Ready to get started? Finding the right freelancer for your buyer sourcing project has never been easier. Freelancer.com has several different ways for employers to let our community of contractors know about your job.

Many employers choose to post their project publicly. Simply provide a detailed description of your projects objectives and expectations, the skills needed to complete the project and the project’s budget. It won’t take long for freelancers from around the world to find your project and place competitive bids along with their proposal to complete your project.

Employers may also choose to hand-pick their freelancer. Freelancer.com offers a directory of the workers available for hire on the site. Employers can browse freelancer profiles based on skills, location and more. View each freelancer’s profile and take advantage of the ability to hire them directly!

Can’t decide which freelancer to choose? Don’t worry, that’s a good problem to have. With as much talent as there is on Freelancer.com, the choice won’t always be obvious. Fortunately, the Preferred Freelancer Program has identified the site’s elite talent. Before posting your public project, be sure to request your own personal talent recruiter. These friendly recruiters help to make your decision easy! In addition to bringing these Preferred Freelancers to your project, the talent recruiters will offer their personal recommendation for which freelancer to hire. The Preferred Freelancer Program exists to make staffing a successful project as painless as possible.

Now that you understand the benefits of hiring a buyer sourcing expert, are you ready to make your next hire? With Freelancer.com, finding the right talent is easy. Post your project today!