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    Professional Finance Consultant
    3 Reviews

    Ten years of experience in business, finance, and accounting consultation. Knowledgeable in creating business plans, business analysis, memorandums, and compiling financial data.

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    Freelancer in Brampton, Canada
    52 Reviews

    I can be your best choice for Academic Writing and Business Planning Projects. Hire me :)

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    Experienced Financial Researcher
    599 Reviews

    Eight years experience in accounting and finance, auditing, preparation and analysis of financial statements. Able to take on marketing and management related projects.

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  • Ziakhan2013's Profile Picture
    Skilled Business Analyst
    387 Reviews

    Three years experience with business analysis and planning, telemarketing, data entry, and data processing. Meets deadlines and submits high quality of work on time.

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    Skilled Business Researcher
    766 Reviews

    Six years experience in various business research and academic projects. Specializes in areas of business research and planning, market research, and marketing strategy and plan.

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    Freelancer in Richardson, United States
    33 Reviews

    I hold a Master in Finance from the University of Texas with a 3.7 GPA and a Bachelor in Business Administration with highest honors. In addition to the technical knowledge I acquired throughout my academic course, I have developed top-notch academic and business writing skills. I have previously worked for invest ...

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Finding Business Analysts on Freelancer

Business analysis is a function of understanding the nuances of a particular business, finding out the best way to optimize the business and recommending the results improve the business performance. This extends to understanding the need for a change, whether major or minor, in an organisation's functioning and providing suitable solutions to improve output. All types of organizations, irrespective of whether it is a for-profit business or a government organisation or a non-profit organisation require business analysis.

A person who is experienced in conducting business analysis is called a business analyst. A business analyst is often referred to as an agent of change. A business analyst works across various structural levels of an organization to help not only bring out changes for betterment of the functioning, they also help in mapping the entire process through which an organization works. A business analyst is crucial for proper functioning of any kind of business.

An effective business analyst has an in-depth understanding of the functioning of similar businesses in your industry, so that they may use it as a comparison point in order to pinpoint areas of improvement in your business. It is crucial that they have extensive experience in the business environment. This knowledge (or lack thereof) is what makes or breaks the business analysis process. But attaining the services of a business analyst can be difficult and pricey too. Hence, a business analyst has to be someone who has a wide experience of operating in a business environment. The quality of a business analyst is what makes or breaks the process of business analysis. Having said that, obtaining experienced business analyst are not only difficult but pricey too.

So what can you do? Your best alternative is to hire a freelance business analyst - one who possesses the right qualifications and are ready to offer their services at an affordable price. This is where Freelancer.com comes in. With an unbelievable 19 million users, you can be sure to find the perfect freelance business analyst for the job.

Freelancer.com houses many business analysts that provide a number of services some of which are:

  • Business analysis report writing
  • Reports analysis dissertation business analysis
  • Shopping mall business analysis
  • Template business analysis
  • E-commerce website business analysis
  • Business analysis controlling
  • Business analysis for online car sales
  • Business analysis literature review
  • Dell business analysis

Finding a business analyst through Freelancer.com is extremely easy. You can simply post a project free of cost mentioning your requirement and freelancers interested to work on your project bid on the same. You can either choose to hire them on the basis of the projects that you have or if the requirement is long-term you can hire the freelancer on an hourly basis. In case you hire the freelancer on an hourly basis, you need not worry at all. The Freelancer.com hour tracking app ensures that the hours of work put in by the freelancer are correctly recorded and report sent to you regularly to help you make the payments.

The Freelancer.com website is designed to make life convenient for you. Access to a global pool of highly professional freelancers, posting a project entirely for free, safe and secured payment options, using freelancer mobile app to keep in touch with the progress of the project are some of the features to ensure that your business gets the right kind of business analysis that it needs.

Post a project today and see how it changes the way you look at your business.