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  • svsriyusvsriyu's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in kurnool, India
    9 Reviews

    Hi there! I am a qualified Professional || GRAPHIC & LOGO || designer & PRODUCT DESIGNER with over 4 years industry experience in design industry. I am here to draw your imagination into reality. I HAVE DONE MANY RESEARCH PROJECTS AND I HAVE PUBLISHED INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS TOO. SKILLS !!!!! ...

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  • whitishblack's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Singapore, Singapore
    13 Reviews

    Final year architecture student in Singapore. Good command of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator with fair knowledge of InDesign. Well-versed in Rhinoceros 5, Vray, Sketchup and Grasshopper. Fair command of C# and Python language.

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  • josereinozo's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Merida, Venezuela
    6 Reviews

    -Architecture -Civil Engineering -Construction -Graphic design -IT consulting Individuals -Arquitectura -Ing. Civil -Construcción -Diseño Grafico -Asesorías Particulares

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  • NagarathnaHR's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in MYSORE, India
    5 Reviews

    "I Sincerely Thank " You for reviewing my profile. My strength is to break down any complicated concepts in to simple understandable form.I love writing. My expertise skills are as follows: Research work,Academic Writing, Report writer,Technical research papers, thesis- IEEE,Harvard style of referencing Auto cad,...

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  • rushibhatt95's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in AHMEDABAD, India
    4 Reviews

    Hi, I am Rushi Bhatt, I am new to Freelancer but I expertise in this field. Briefly, I have about 6+ months experience in 2D draftng. I am proficient in AutoCad,Google Sketchup,Photoshop. I've good and high configuration system for best Photo Realistic quality and for fast output. Why choose me? * I understand...

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  • Billah230's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh
    165 Reviews

    Hi Guys,This is Billah, Web developer as well as Web Designer. I know the value of digital identity for a business/company. I can build your digital identity. A quality website that can reflect your business. So your customer will find out easily to know more about your business. You know those days many user visit...

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Finding Builders on Freelancer

Finding a builder for your new project can be a headache all on its own, never mind the actual process of working with a builder. Putting your confidence and trust in anyone can be a stressful situation, so when it comes to deciding on whom to use, you want to know that there are certain elements that will be covered.

Freelancer.com can assist you with this tremendous task. Utilizing the services of a freelancing agent has become the norm and not the anomaly nowadays. Freelancers are a special breed and can offer a special something to your next project.

What can a Building Specialist offer your Building Project?

  • Project Management – every project needs to be managed, and having a builder that can offer this in addition is a bonus.
  • Cost – building on its own can be expensive, including the costs of the labor can be scary. A Freelance specialist builder can offer you lower costs because of their lower overheads.
  • Suppliers – the builder will need to enlist the services of other suppliers, like bricklayers, painters, plumbers, and the likes. Knowing that your building professional can provide these outsources at good prices, will take a load off your shoulders.
  • Materials – the cost of materials to build can set you back a fortune. A good builder will know where to source; not only quality materials, but also the best priced ones too. This can range from the bricks to build, the cement, the piping, the wiring and everything in between.
  • Guarantees – once all is said and done the builder will be able to give you a guarantee of work completed. With all buildings, they settle and cracks can appear. This can be a worrying factor and with the high price of insurance and the general risk of insurance not covering certain after workmanship issues, it will be good to know that a guarantee or warranty of work can be given by the builder.
  • Insurances – a qualified, registered builder can give you the assurance of being able to cover any losses incurred after a natural disaster or even a possible theft of materials.

What To Look Out For in your next Building Specialist

  • An Engineering and Drafting Certificate or Diploma
  • At least 3 years experience in the industry, whether actually building or part of team of builders
  • Registration with the local builders association
  • Contract Works Insurance that covers natural disasters, thefts and deliberate acts that could ruin the build and materials
  • Good Supplier List – a builder cannot cover all the angles of a build – having good, reliable people backing the builder is essential to a successful project

Employing the services that Freelancer.com has to offer can, not only can save you the big bucks, but can also give you that peace of mind you need, so that you can get through your building project stress-free. Investing in a professional building specialist can make your project a dream and not a nightmare.