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  • Olywebart's Profile Picture
    Custom Brochure Design Specialist
    265 Reviews

    Brochure design specialist. Other areas of expertise include graphic design, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Concept Design, tradeshow banner design, business cards and flyers.

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  • ovydyuc's Profile Picture
    Reputed Brochure Designer
    121 Reviews

    Highly recommended freelancer wth 15 years experience in brochure design and designing for local newspapers and national magazines.Skilled in corporate identity, format and layout.

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  • graphidesginer's Profile Picture
    Creative Brochure Design Team
    173 Reviews

    Team of passionate and creative artists focused on multiple services such as brochure design, corporate identity, packaging, structure design, logo design and label design.

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  • nuwancreation's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Gampaha, Sri Lanka
    72 Reviews

    Great design is a key element to delivering a successful project and communicating to your customers. Everything I produce at shake creative has outstanding, creative and considered design at its heart and this is something I'm incredibly passionate about. I have many years experience of delivering quality design, ...

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  • MinaDeAli's Profile Picture
    Experienced Brochure Design Freelancer
    50 Reviews

    More than 10 years experience in brochure design, packaging designs, poster design, hoarding signage, banners, web design, advertisements, T-shirt designs and Photoshop Indesign.

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  • Olekiy's Profile Picture
    Creative Brochure Design Freelancer
    59 Reviews

    Creative illustrator with more than 15 years experience in brochure design. Expert skills in Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Muse and Adobe Illustrator CC.

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Finding Brochure Designers on Freelancer

A top quality brochure is the centerpiece of numerous companies marketing efforts. Effective brochure design introduces your business to potential clients, outlines individual products or services, and plays a primary role in delivering leads and sales.

However, not all brochures are productive. Generating a brochure that achieves identified communication goals can be difficult. Engaging a designer to provide a creative idea is only part of the solution. To ensure your brochure summons attention and stands out from the crowd a brochure designer requires a deep understanding of marketing and print technology. There are innumerable considerations prior to embarking on design work if you are serious about delivering a viable piece of communication. The following five considerations need to be factored into the creative process:

  • What is the brochures purpose? - Identify the motive for creating the promotional item. What are you trying to achieve? Objectives need to be outlined at the outset and are a key component of the creative brief.
  • Get the copy perfect - Ensure written text is sharp, to the point, on brand and puts the readers first. Use simple statements to convey your messages.
  • Make a great first impression - Ensure your brochure overcomes the first impression litmus test. Grabs the reader's interest immediately.
  • Limited use of fonts - Keep the fonts professional and restrict font variety to ensure a professional appearance.
  • Choose paper stock carefully - A wonderful brochure can be immediately undone with a poor paper stock selection. A low-quality paper stock negatively impacts on your brand.

Are you in desperate need of a new brochure design or flyers for an upcoming event? Do you require top quality output without a large agency price tag? It might be time to consider the services of a freelance brochure designer.

There are a diverse range of brochure types, and a smart designer will select the best option based on a design brief and objectives. Brochure types include bifold, trifold, multi-page, flyers, inserts, gate or window fields, accordion, double parallel and much, much more.

If you are in need of a brochure establishing your company profile, a new product catalog, sales materials, menus, or event pamphlets then hiring a freelance brochure designer with marketing nous from the thousands of designers listed at Freelancer.com could the perfect solution.

Freelancer.com connects employers to freelancers. Employers post a project to attract the attention of skilled contractors. Design contests are a fantastic option for creative jobs such as new brochure design. An employer submits a design brief and is then inundated with hundreds of design entries for a particular project. You choose the duration of the content, the amount you are willing to pay, and most importantly select the winner - and the creative concept that you love. Alternatively, browse through the freelancer directory, and hire a freelancer directly from their profile. You can select applicants based on their previous experience, or their star rating. 

Work closely with your chosen freelancer by communicating with them via the direct messaging system. You'll be with them every step of the way, offering your expertise and feedback, so you can make sure the job is done right. 

Get started today, and post a project or contest!