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  • markc1542's Profile Picture
    Experienced Audio Services Expert
    226 Reviews

    Expert voice over pro with over 36 years in the voice over and radio industry. Completed thousands of projects involving audio services and video voice work.

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  • VoiceoverMike's Profile Picture
    Preferred Audio Services Freelancer
    187 Reviews

    Full time US Voiceover pro and preferred Freelancer with impressive voice talent. Providing global clients professional audio services, video services and audio production.

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  • KenjiProducer's Profile Picture
    Professional Audio Services Artist
    116 Reviews

    Professional music composer & producer, audio engineer, sound designer skilled in audio services, music, sound design, audio production and video production.

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  • andywhitevw's Profile Picture
    Experienced Audio Services Professional
    101 Reviews

    Professional musician with 12 years experience in music and audio production and post-production. Reputed composer, mix & mastering engineer offering top notch audio services.

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  • mattmontanez's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in clovis, United States
    18 Reviews

    I am a a Professional Audio Engineer and own my own recording studio. I am also an iOS developer. I have just became certified in Swift.

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  • adamdubeau's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Seven Persons, Canada
    46 Reviews

    “What an excellent job! I am more than satisfied and Adam was ahead of schedule which helps with the timing of my project. Everyone loved the quality of his work.” - cgill2 Adam's voice has a versatile style and is well suited for many commercial voiceover projects such as animation, corporate training tutorials,...

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Finding Audio Services Technicians on Freelancer

Are you planning to start a business that involves preparing and mixing audio files, or are you in search of an audio specialist for your new side-project? Then an audio expert who knows how to record audio files, process them and convert them into high-quality output (to be played through all different softwares) will be beneficial for you! We know what you're thinking - too easy! You've been using audio files all your life, and what you don't know you can just Google. Wrong! Recording and creating audio files is a job that requires extreme expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the subtle nuances of audio recordings.

No wonder, it is extremely costly not only to hire recording studios, but also to hire manpower who can create world-class audio output for a business. And the price keeps going up and up, depending on the size of the project and the additional manpower required. There is a solution! You can hire a freelance audio specialist on Freelancer.com, instead of hiring full-time employees at a large cost. Well, you can save cost, you know how to work smarter. Hire a freelancer instead of hiring a full-time manpower or a renowned agency for the creation of your audio files. There are a number of freelancers available online who are extremely talented and know their job inside out, especially when it comes to creation of audio files. These freelancers offer their services for an optimum cost and finish projects not only within the time-limit but with extreme professionalism. Since freelancers work project wise, they give individual attention to each project. Moreover, freelancers are much easier to contact and manage than large-scale agencies. Therefore, for an employer, monitoring the progress of the project becomes much more convenient.

Freelancer.com is the world’s leading online portal which brings employers and freelancers together. Needless to say, thousands of these freelancers provide audio services to the customers. Hence, you can hire a freelancer for getting high quality and crystal-clear audio tracks at competitive rate quotes. The experienced manpower for audio-visual services operate independently and they can help you set up, operate and maintain the audio services for the staff and visitors. Freelancers also provide audio services for conferences, meetings, seminars, live events and exhibitions.

The quality of work done by freelancers available on Freelancer.com is highly professional. Freelancer.com takes utmost care in ensuring that the employers get a job worth their money. Operating in over 247 countries across the world, with Freelancer.com, you have the opportunity to work with global talents from anywhere in the world at one go. To access this global pool of talents, all you need to do is post a project giving the details of your requirement absolutely for free. Then just sit back and relax and see how the bids start flowing in from highly talented audio freelancers from across the world. The Freelancer.com rating system helps you understand the quality of the freelancer and assists you in choosing the right freelancer for your requirement.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Hire a freelancer via Freelancer.com today and climb the stairs of success by creating a high class audio files for your business.