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  • sohancomposer's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh
    51 Reviews

    Musical Experience:: I have been producing music from last seven years. i love to play with music. i have worked with some renowned Drama director here in Bangladesh & worked in several Telefilm & Drama series as a composer. I'm very passionate about game scoring. worked in two games & looking forward to work in more...

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  • LoisPaton's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Heswall, United Kingdom
    24 Reviews

    I am an experienced cinematic and video games composer who creates bespoke music tailored to clients needs. I have worked on commercials aired on Sky Movies, award winning films, animation and video games. I compose in a diverse range of styles, from simple and beautiful piano, to epic orchestral, to rock and urban...

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  • feftmusic's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in leicester, United Kingdom
    2 Reviews

    Specializing in audio production, composition, editing, mixing, mastering, and DJing. I am also able to do voice overs, flyer design, graphic design, and I am open to more production based jobs.

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  • JBarber3d's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Natick, United States
    7 Reviews

    I am an Audio Professional with over 10 years experience in music production, mix engineering, and audio editing. I look forward to serving you with quality audio for your project, whether it's for music, audio books, eLearning, or broadcasting!

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  • andywhitevw's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kraljevo, Serbia
    101 Reviews

    Professional musician with over 12 years of experience in the music and audio production and post-production. Andy is awarded composer, recording, mix & mastering engineer. Leader of the established AB Sound Production, team of seasoned audio professionals dedicated to delivering You only the...

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  • Lessno's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Sofia, Bulgaria
    12 Reviews

    I have more than 10 years of experience, in music production and audio editing, specifically in some of the listed areas below : - writing and arranging tunes and beats, designing samples - maintaining podcasts and live shows - audio restoration, leveling out, noise removal, equalizing, editing and slicing...

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Finding Apple Logic Pro Experts on Freelancer

What is Apple Logic Pro? Logic pro is audio production software created by Apple for use in the Mac OS environment. Used primarily for the creation and editing of motion graphics, Logic’s audio engine is also used by one of Apple’s most famous consumer-level audio production software, GarageBand. Logic Pro is currently available exclusively through the Apple App Store.

The first incarnation of Logic Pro appeared in the early 1990s under the name Notator Logic. Originally developed by German software developer C-Lab, Logic was later purchased by Emagic. Logic Pro officially became a part of the Apple software family when Emagic was purchased by Apple in 2002.

Logic Pro provides a variety of software instruments, effects and recording options for audio engineers. Logic Pro boats the ability to record in multichannel surround sound and supports the use of up to 255 individual audio tracks for music synthesis.

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