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    Talented After Effects Expert
    24 Reviews

    Modern and creative services lab with team of professionals experienced in after effects, video editing, motion graphics, Photoshop design, poster design and video services.

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    Skilled After Effects Designer
    70 Reviews

    Talented motion designer and animator, skilled in After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator/Coral Draw, logo animation, intro and outro animation and video editing.

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    Leading After Effects Freelancer
    176 Reviews

    Top ranked Freelance Video Editor and Graphic Designer. Skilled in After Effects, video production, videography, video services, 3D modeling, animation and video editing.

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    Quality After Effects Creator
    55 Reviews

    Reputed for creating top quality After Effects, 2D explainer videos, animations, video montages, infographics, Kinetic Type videos and logo videos. 100% customer satisfaction.

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    Talented After Effects Expert
    163 Reviews

    Experienced in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4d, video production, 3D animations, videography, video services, Photoshop, Adobe Premier, motion graphics and poster design.

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    Professional After Effects Expert
    73 Reviews

    Professional video editor and graphic designer, specialist in post production industry. Skilled in After Effects and video editing, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and animation.

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Finding After Effects Designers on Freelancer

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects application used to create engaging motion graphics and cinematic visual effects. Video professionals use After Effects during the post-production phase of filmmaking, TV or video production. The ability to create 2D and 3D animation, apply a wide range of video effects, provide eye-catching typography and conduct image stabilization make it a popular software choice. Increasingly video professionals are using After Effects to create engaging short-form video or animations for web distribution using social networking platforms such as Twitter. 

The software was first developed in 1993 by Company Of Science And Art in Rhode Island and eventually acquired by Adobe in 1994. After Effects is considered industry standard in the creation of motion graphics and effects. Written in C++ programming language, the application is a sophisticated animation and video compilation environment with common functions including keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. The software also functions as a media transcoder, nonlinear editor, and audio editor.  

After Effects provides extensive support for third-party plugins to enhance visual compilations and integrates seamlessly with other applications such as Photoshop and Flash Professional to deliver compelling web animations.

The current version was released in June 2015. This edition includes a number of useful features such as a new Adobe Character Animator, Uninterrupted playback, drag and drop Creative Cloud Libraries and Maxon Cineware v2.0.16.

What are the key features of Adobe After Effects?

  • Built in support for Cinema 4D offering smooth Cinema 4D integration and synchronization of timelines.
  • The ability to sync settings to multiple machines using Creative Cloud, no matter what laptop, desktop or mobile device you are working on you’ll always be up to date.
  • Warp Stabilizer VFX works wonderfully with raw video footage to assist stabilization of individual objects and to fix difficult shots.
  • Live 3D Pipeline ensures scenes in Cinema 4D can be used immediately in After Effects without out rendering saving considerable time and effort.
  • The most recent versions of After Effects include an updated and more streamlined user interface.
  • Enhance motion blur on live footage and create realistic or exaggerated movements using Pixel Motion Blur.
  • After Effects also incorporates a range of bundled software including Cinema 4D, Key light for color keying, Mocha for motion tracking, Color Finesse for color correction and CyCcore FX HD for creative effects.

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