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  • tarekahmed's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in EL-GHARBYA,, Egypt
    312 Reviews

    We performed many tasks in PHP, ASP .NET, E-commerce, WordPress, Flash, Javascript, HTML5, Phostoshop, Android, Mobilephones and Phonegap , Magento, Shopify, MVC, and Email marketing

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  • loover's Profile Picture
    ActionScript Builder
    42 Reviews

    Primary skill is photo editing and manipulating using Photoshop. Skilled in Adobe Air and Adobe Flash games and ActionScript, Unity 3D, offers game development.

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  • WillNerdForFood's Profile Picture
    ActionScript Animation Specialist
    57 Reviews

    An innovative artist specializing in HTML5, animated banners, Adobe Flash Professionals, ActionScript, Adobe After Effects, 2d animation, etc. Knowledgeable in Photoshop.

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  • kiture's Profile Picture
    Expert in Flash ActionScript
    64 Reviews

    Highly skilled in Adobe Flash, Flex, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML5 developer. Knowledgeable in Actionscript 2 and 3, Facebook marketing and application developing.

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  • Zdrenga's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Pitesti, Romania
    1092 Reviews

    I am a Flash & XML Programmer with over 10 years of experience. I like learning new things, developing all kinds of projects and I am focused on details. My goal is to always provide best quality work in a very short time and make my clients 100% happy on all projects!

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  • alpha2omega's Profile Picture
    Skilled ActionScript Designer
    46 Reviews

    Dedicated designer who delivers high quality solution for Flash, Flex and ActionScript 3. Fluent with advanced framworks such as: Starling, Stage 3D and physics engine.

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Finding ActionScript Developers on Freelancer

ActionScript is an object-oriented programming script commonly used for Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR environments. First appearing in 1998, the language is a dialect of the ECMAScript and is primarily employed in the development of websites and software targeting the Adobe Flash Player platform.

ActionScript is used to develop websites and software via the Adobe Flash Platform and is also used on web pages that are embedded with SWF files. The language is known as open source, meaning it is offered free of charge to users.

The language is available in 2.0 and 3.0 version are used in mobile technologies, desktops, smartphones, laptops, televisions, tables and much more.

Traditionally ActionScript was designed specifically for controlling 2D vector animations created in Macromedia Flash, since then the programming script has evolved to now be used for mobile development, basic robotics and database applications.

The programming language elements are simple for developers to learn with the language elements, classes, libraries and components easily available for exploration via online portals and programming communities.

Features for the ActionScript programming language are outlined below:

  • Compatible across browsers - ActionScript can easily manage cross-browser functions, and both HTML and CSS code is safely interpreted without any issues.

  • Interactive functionality - the ActionScript language supports audio, animation and video handling and interactivity. Flash apps can collect data and make websites interactive and functional without any issues.

  • Flash Player is installed on 97% of computers, with ActionScript the programming script used in Flash – making it a readily available option that is commonly used globally.

  • The language is simple to learn and implement by professional developers.

  • There is a built in troubleshooting options for Flash, making it easier to get answers when questions arise.

ActionScript is used as a programming language that allows developers to create onscreen environments including games, tutorials and eCommerce applications.

If you’re looking to engage the skills of a programming language developer with a background and deep understanding of ActionScript, finding a freelancer is a great way to test their skills and their fit with your business.

Using a freelancer is a popular option as all work can be done remotely at a time that suits you. Often developers are based in other time zones, allowing them to undertake projects while you sleep so you can make the most out of every hour of the day for your project development.

Find qualified and experienced ActionScript freelancers online at Freelancer.com. Simply visit the website and view the extensive range of freelancers ready to work on your project.