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answered 2 weeks ago
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Just expanding on Anurags answer, yes it really does depend. I believe as a web developer you could easily make this monthly target (and above) but of course it requires a budget allocation. Think of it like an investment. You take 2 hours of your time to bid 60 projects, and (by freelancer's statistics) you will be offered 2-3 jobs. Then you need to take you membership plan into account e.g if you are bidding a lot and not making much of a turnover, you could upgrade your plan. You also need to think about your portfolio, and make sure you are bidding on projects similar to ones you have done before (on and off freelancer.) If your portfolio is quite sparse, I would recommend taking on smaller jobs at first to build a repertoire- but in this case you won't be making your target goal for the first month or so. So yes, it really does depend on your situation- taking into account the time/money you invest in getting those jobs and your portfolio. But in reality, if you are bidding the right amount (e.g 100 times a month) and have a substantial portfolio (which as a side note, can be your own personal projects) then you will most likely meet your requirement. Most people who start off will have a daytime job while building the portfolio, its harder work but its worth it eventually. Hope that's helped :)