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How does milestone reversal affect you and this site?

asked by it2051229 5 months ago

So I'm hearing a lot of milestone reversals lately on this website and I for one has been a victim since 2012. I got multiple milestone reversals ranging from $10 to $60. This year is the worst, $250 milestone gone last week, and $100 as of today (obviously employers got free work and I had to pay for a fee for accepting projects). So for freelancers out there who uses this site, is this site still promising "secured payments"? Is it still worth it to build your profile on this website but not worth using as a portfolio to prospect customers because this website has a lot of negative reviews when searched online? I've been here since 2010 and it was not like this before. So for those old freelancers who are still using this site, what are your thoughts and opinions.


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