Technology is advancing. Just as you cannot be more efficient with a typewriter, you cannot be faster with old design trends either. It is very important nowadays to focus on modern life when it comes to designing. It's very crucial to look at today's current society, at the consumer, and also on how the user is interacting with design. Out with the old and in with the new, or so the saying goes, so let's look at some past design trends that we can now deviate from.

1.     Skeuomorphic design or more commonly known as 3D design - Most of the icons and mobile UI were made Skeuomorphic until Apple announced their flat iOS design. Why avoid Skeumorphic? It's simple. Flat designs are:

  • Cheap to design
  • Very clean
  • Clutter-free
  • Easy to use
  • Very minimalist in nature
  • Known for bold design with very few emphasis on shadows and depth
  • More Vibrant
  • Very fast to design

These are some examples of flat icons:

2. The infamous Comic Sans Font - It's time we let it go -- there are thousands, if not millions of awesome fonts out there today that can easily take place of this classic, but unattractive font.

3. Drop Shadows - They were cool in the 1990s to show off your Photoshop skills, but they're not as cool today.

4. Bevel and Emboss - This is a bit controversial, as you may still want to use it in some designs, but with the rise of the flat trend, you will rarely see Bevel and Emboss.

5. Frames - This is another infamous design technique like Comic Sans. Frames were a good way to highlight your artwork or picture, but simplistic design and clean layouts is what 2014 is all about.

6. FLASH!!! - This is a big one. You should start adapting the new HTML5 or other ways to animate instead of depending on Flash. It is just so outdated. Most of Apple’s iOS devices do not support Flash in their stock settings.

Image source:

7. Under Construction logos - At one time they were awesome and people liked them, but nowadays, in this modern, fast-moving work, Under Construction logos are just a no-no. Having one will simply scare away your visitors. Consider putting up a beautiful landing page with some basic info, or a newsletter sign up form, or a waiting list form, or a sleek-looking countdown instead.

Image source:

8. Marquees and Scrolling Text - Do not use these anymore unless you are a newspaper or a news channel. Your website is not a news agency and you should not treat it like one. Be simple and avoid using these tricks to get your site viewers' attention.

Posted 9 December, 2014

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