Jonathan Smith, a tech-company salesman, has been an active Forex trader for the past ten years. He envisions himself becoming a full-time trader in the future.

His experience throughout the years has led him to the conclusion that manual Forex trading is a risky business. Being too fearful might lead to a stagnant conservative nature while being greedy could lead to reckless investing on bad currencies.

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After hearing about commercially available trading robots, Jonathan thought of building his own. However, he lacked the skills to create such a program so he hired local web-app developers to build him his Forex trader web-app.

“I thought hiring locally would give me a superior result, but I was mistaken. The extremely high cost didn't offset the poor communication and results I received. I spent over US$1,000 before calling it a loss when the project wasn't nearly complete, despite false promises bugs would be resolved. Another downside was the lack of an escrow or arbitration process. Despite such an epic failure on the programmer's part, I had no legal recourse,” said Jonathan.

The Smart Choice

He brought his business ideas to “I chose the platform because it was user- friendly and it had a wide range of talent,” said Jonathan. “I had a plethora of bids which allowed me to compare their cost, experience level, reviews, and other metrics. I chose "Bob" because of his extremely fair price (US$104), high completion rate (94%), and excellent testimonials.”

Bob or Igor S. is a web and mobile app developer from Severodonetsk, Ukraine. He specializes in Metatrader, software architecture, software testing, C programming, Windows Desktop and a lot more.

The web-app must be able to monitor any losses or gains in currency value and be able to buy/sell automatically. Automating the process would greatly benefit committed traders like Jonathan.

Veteran Forex Trader Anticipates Growth in Assets, Thanks to Freelancer-made Trading Web App - Image 2

Three weeks later, Igor was done with the web-app and turned it over to Jonathan for testing. Not only did Jonathan love the outcome, but he loved the working relationship he and Igor built. “Igor completed the project much faster than most at a fraction of the cost. I was completely blown away. He even anticipated and solved problems in the system design before I could point them out. He is very intelligent and professional,” said Jonathan.

The Success Secret

“The web-app has been paramount to my trading success. It has allowed me to eliminate strategies and settings that were proven to lose money, saving my decades (if not lifetimes) of trial and error. Another benefit has been the ability to optimize and refine settings that prove effective. It has also given me new insights and ideas for future trading apps. It’s a personal web-app that won’t be released to the public.”

Now equipped with a web-app to contribute to his success, Jonathan is ready to take on the Forex trading business by storm.

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Posted 11 October, 2017

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