KYC Verified and Freelancer Verified, siblings but not twins

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Hello Freelancer community, you may remember my previous article where we discussed “The top 5 benefits of completing the Know-Your-Customer program at” Well, today I have a new and exciting article for you to read where we’ll review the benefits of being KYC verified and how it differs from Freelancer Verified. Some may think KYC Verified and Freelancer Verified are the same but in fact they are not. The truth is that they are siblings but not twins and this means that completing the KYC precedes the process of getting the Blue Badge on your profile. Now, both help to gain more credibility as a user and help the client in selecting you as their freelancer to their project. 

This new product: the Freelancer Verified badge (launched in 2020) is one of many examples of’s efforts to keep our site as safe as we can, and also to give our users the opportunity to improve their profiles and work experience. As it is described on the landing page: The blue badge lets people know that your account is authentic and that you have gone through a process to verify identity that includes a video interview. But how is it different from the KYC? 

The KYC program is one of the first steps to verify your identity and can be completed any time. If you already have completed the KYC, it means you have proven yourself as a reliable user on our site. Hence, applying for Freelancer Verified and adding the badge to your profile will show your clients that you decided to take an extra step to introduce yourself as a potential and more trustworthy freelancer. So what are the main differences between the KYC program and Freelancer Verified.

KYC Verified vs Freelancer Verified

On one hand, by completing the KYC*, you will be requested to submit a series of documents to confirm your identity and get benefits upon approval, these requirements are: a proof of identity, a proof of address and  photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with your unique code called Keycode  verification photo. 

On the other hand, applying for the Verified Badge will add to your profile a higher level of reliability. Once your identity has been confirmed with the KYC program, you are just one step away from being a Freelancer Verified. This is the certification provided by that announces you went through an extra process to show how responsible you are, that you took the time to have a video call with one of our staff, to introduce yourself, your skills and get the blue tick. It is important to say that this blue tick has become one of many ways to stand out in the crowd. Everywhere you look, not only at, it is better to have it, right? So, let me guide you through a simple example of what having the blue tick means. 

Nowadays, social media applications are used by most of us, no matter your age or occupation, we need them somehow for some reasons, they are the way to communicate and be up to date with news among other things. But when it comes to finding an account that we want to follow, an official one, we always look for this blue tick on it, righ? The blue tick makes us feel more comfortable at the moment of following and interacting with that account. 

Now, I would like to invite you to do this exercise: get your mobile, open any app on it and try to find an account of an official artist (or any account/app you are interested in). Probably, you will find not one but at least three or more accounts/apps with similar names but only one has the blue tick, which account will you follow? The one with the blue tick, for sure. 

That feeling of reliability and trustworthiness you just experienced is what we want you to feel when interacting with those Verified freelancers on our site. As a client, we know that you are always looking for the best freelancers, and as Verified freelancers you want to let them find and hire you. 

As you can see being KYC verified and Freelancer Verified are not the same but they work hand in glove with our Verification. Both offer you benefits but these are also different. Here is a list of those different benefits from each other: 

KYC Verified VS Freelancer Verified

They look pretty amazing, don’t they? 

All in all, we can say that the KYC is one of the keys that opens the door to be Verified. 

So, if you are a new user at, perhaps you have few or no reviews at all, or just want to reach better opportunities and be awarded on high value projects, then, now is the time to be Verified! 

Get your Verified badge now by clicking here and let your clients know that you took an extra step to show professionalism right from the start on your profile! 

Don’ t miss your opportunity to be under the spotlight!

*If you wish to check the requirements to complete the KYC verification, please click here

Posted 17 November, 2021


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