Fast 50: Millennials Create the Future of Work

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Poised to take over the workplace are Millennials who now account for one-third of the world's workforce. Aged between 18 and 34 years old, they are driven, tech-savvy, connected, and eager to push businesses forward. On, Millennials caused quite a stir in 2014 – 74% of the site's users are Millennials and they were responsible for the thousands of jobs posted last year.

This quarter's Freelancer Fast 50 shows how Millennials are considered the biggest industry movers. Bent on shaping their careers and building a better world, employers and freelancers alike used as a means to break the nine-to-five grind and build collaborative offices around the globe.

"In 2014, I spoke at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs's Alliance Summit (G20YEA) where I said that entrepreneurship is the way forward for youth unemployment. Our statistics show that Millennials are at the forefront of taking risks and becoming entrepreneurs by being connected to the internet. facilitates them to also make a change in their own lives, and make an impact in communities, by helping them start their own business or find work wherever they choose to be." said CEO Matt Barrie.

It's all in the details's data scientists looked at the projects posted on the platform last year and found four project categories in four areas where majority of the Millennials had a hand in. 

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Building Cities – Engineering-related projects rose greatly in 2014.

  • Civil Engineering at 136%

  • Building architecture at  89%

  • Mechanical Engineering at 80%

  • CAD/CAM Design at 73%

Building Businesses – Entrepreneurs and SMEs are supercharging their businesses by implementing eCommerce platforms and outsourcing business processes.

  • Shopify increased at 93%

  • Accounting at 84%

  • Recruitment at 71%

  • Brochure Design at 71%

Making Great Homes – A surprising addition to the current IT-centered lineup, home design projects saw a surge last year.

  • Furniture design at 132%

  • Interior Design at 77%

  • Home Design at 71%

  • Music at 51%

Telling stories – Social Media and Content are still on the rise as tackled in our previous Fast 50 report here.

  • Pinterest still leading at 394% increase

  • Creative Design at 254%

  • Creative writing at 157%

  • Photography at 135%

As 2015 unfolds, will continue to support its Millennials as they strive for success and empowerment. This year is going to be exciting for the site and its more than 14 million registered users!

To learn more about the Millennials and the way they work, read the full Freelancer Fast 50 report here.


Posted 8 January, 2015

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