33 Career Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Women have always been a source of inspiration. From engineers, to doctors, to pilots or business women, they take their roles in an empowering manner. Whether you are a businesswoman, or in the world of marketing or technology, the following tips will assist you in your professional growth.

1. Be careful with your vocabulary

Women should always refer to themselves as a ‘woman’ instead of a ‘girl’ because it demands respect from their peers, and boss. Another word not to be used by women in their vocabulary is ‘just’ as it makes it seem you are not self-confident, or you are apologising for the job you are doing.

2. Don’t be apologetic for the job you are doing

Stop apologizing when you are doing your job. If you need information about something, there is no need to apologize for it like ‘I’m sorry to take your time but I need ABC info’. Do whatever is necessary when you have to get the job done. If they are avoiding you, or not providing the required information, there is no harm in reporting the matter to your boss.

3. Apologize only when you need to

If have made a mistake, go straight to the boss and apologize and tell them you will not repeat it. Instead of denying and making yourself look like a problem, you will be respected more for owning up to your mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes, but trying to avoid them will create more of a mess.

4. Go ahead and introduce yourself

Instead of others introducing you, introduce yourself with a firm handshake, looking them in the eye. This will give the other person a sense of your confidence in your own ability. It is up to you to exude a sense of pride, as well as the impression that you will give your best.

5. Think before you follow orders

Never follow instructions blindly. Ask questions if you are not comfortable with what your boss is telling you to do. If you violate authority, have a plausible reason when explaining it to your seniors.

6. Don’t take inappropriate behavior lying down

Make sure not to take any kind of bad treatment or harassment because you are a woman. Report the matter, and ensure you’re not put in that position again.

7. Be careful with your budget

Be very clear with your finances, as it’s no use planning things with your budget not in order. The most sensible thing is to plan your budget to sustain yourself alongside rising up the career ladder.

8. Keep records of your successes and failures

Ensure you have records of everything important saved on a personal computer. This will come in handy if your company tries to trick you in any way. If you tend to take them at their word, they might go back on it. If you have something in writing you can always show proof when required.

9. It’s not good to drag down other women in case of any controversy

It’s the worst thing you can do: backstab a female co-worker. Women hating women in the workplace is a common thing.  If the place you are working in is not congenial, leave the job and look for a better one where you will be respected. But the policy should be; women sticking together at work.

10.  Considerate Behavior

Be kind and considerate to everyone in your organization, from the junior staff to the CEO. You never know when you might need someone’s help as you go along. Go out of your way to be kind to the receptionist if you are looking for a promotion, as adverse news spreads very quickly and may reach the hiring managers.

11.  Support and believe in your colleagues

Problems become very easy to resolve if you communicate with your friends and peers. It is a smart move to be there for your female colleagues, supporting and believing in each other. It is respect and mutual support from other women that will take you places.

12.  Show transparency in your work

The key factor in any workplace is transparency. Be transparent in your dealings and expectations, and expect the same from your boss or colleagues. Problems often arise at work due to different viewpoints, but everything can be amicably resolved when you sit together and explain your individual opinions and expectations.

13. Dress appropriately

If you are going for an interview, you need to dress professionally, with minimum jewelry. Don’t wear something too trendy. You can flaunt your own style once you get the job and become an indispensable asset to the company.

14. Being humble is very important

Along with confidence and knowing your true value, humility is very important when working in an organization. Acknowledge your worth and position in the company and don’t be afraid to get what you want.  But be sure to check yourself so you don’t become arrogant.

15. Be clear in your mind when you have to say ‘No’

Women often fall into the trap of trying to be accommodating, even when it’s to their own cost. They are less likely to say ‘no’ to tasks at their workplace, even when  they’re beyond their job remit. It’s good to help at times, but you should be aware of when to draw a line if co-workers start taking you for granted.

16. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is a must when aiming for success.

17. Carry on your full life besides work

Make sure to have a fulfilling life outside of work. Even if you have a full-time job that keeps you busy, you need to balance with a life outside your workplace. Learn to refuse extra work, and go home in time.

18. It’s OK to be humane

We should accept the fact that right from the junior staff to the boss, everyone is a human being with feelings, each dealing with their struggles to be acceptable in society. Our pay checks and promotions are not everything, and it is our inner feelings that make us what we are.

19. Speak up when necessary

Whenever you want to voice your opinion, speak up without apologizing. Be smart and assert your rights, and you will get heard.

20. Stop trying to make everyone happy

A strong, confident woman gets looked upon as assertive by her male colleagues. Be confident in your ability to recognize the pretense of double standards.

21.  Don’t take things too personally

If you feel your superior is not responding as they should when you are speaking, try not to get frustrated at once. It may not be about you. They may just have other things on their plate.

22.  Stand by your values and ideals

Don’t compromise on your values if someone makes a statement, or questions you.

23.  Don’t wait for a promotion, ask for a raise if you deserve it

Women often wait for promotions or a raise. You should be confident enough to recognize your true worth. Go ahead and ask for a promotion if you think you deserve it.

24.  Be on the lookout for better opportunities

Update your LinkedIn page, and look for new recruiters. One never knows when you will get new and better opportunities

25.  Experiences should be looked upon as a chance to learn

Take all instances in your company as a learning experience. You can learn something from everyone, and it will make you stronger than before.

26.  Don’t overdo things

Don’t try to be everything at the same time. Just be yourself.

27. Make your definition of success

Define success according to your perception, whether you are a boss or a subordinate.

28.   Don’t be susceptible to criticism

Take criticism in your stride, as it is essential as a learning experience.

29.  Try to be creative and innovative at your workplace

Being a young woman, you have the ability to offer a new and fresh outlook in your field. You can do this by thinking outside the box and contributing your ideas.

30.   Be flexible

In an office, your role will keep changing. New experiences will give way to new knowledge and will ultimately lead to your becoming well-rounded in your field of expertise.

31.   Be respectful

You don’t need to like everyone at your workplace. But learn to respect everyone who’s earned it, whether they are your seniors or subordinates.

32.   Don’t ever feel that being a woman makes you professionally inferior 

Women in high positions are a minority compared to men, but that certainly does not mean they should get treated as in any way inferior.

33.   Don't take part in Office Gossip

Being part of a group who are always gossiping is in very bad taste. It might seem like fun at first, but it is often these people who get let go whenever there is a controversy.

Do you think these tips will be of help to career women?  If you have any other tips, go ahead and share some words of advice in the comments section.

Posted 7 August, 2017


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