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  • $611 USD
    Profile image for Seller markmckenna


    Feb 20, 2014

    Fabulous Team, perfect english. Attention to detail... went the extra mile.Mark

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $327.75 AUD
    Profile image for Seller aaronwroblewski


    Jan 31, 2014

    Great Lancer to work with, high quality of work and good communication.He listened to our feedback and made all requested adjustments.Thanks again for a great job and look forward to working again together in the future.

    Project Description:I have an existing web sight that was created some time ago to get us up and running. This site was created by me who is a back end programer and I lack the artistic talents to really make this sight stand out...
  • $263 USD
    Profile image for Seller jessicaoutlaw


    Jan 8, 2014

    Fantastic job and excellent communication! Would hire again!

    Project Description:Hello. I'm looking for someone to help design my new blog, which is an investing website for women. I would like the theme for the blog to be clean but feminine. I'll need all the standard WordPress files designed: header, index, sidebar, footer, index, comments, etc...
  • $805 AUD
    Profile image for Seller fusoit


    Nov 14, 2013

    Good work, will hire again.

    Project Description:Website / Webapp will be spilt into two sections, Client / Admin Client Area should contain 4 pages 1. Logon Page (Driver ID / Vehicle ID) 2. Logon Success Page, Display Picture of Manager and Model (Display Driver Name, Manager and Vehicle Details) 3...
  • $206 USD
    Profile image for Seller smithymobsoft


    Oct 31, 2013

    Great job, excellent communication, will use again.

    Project Description:We have a PSD that's been made up and exported as HTML/CSS for a 7 Page wordpress site, we now need someone to convert it into an editable WordPress theme for us. Pretty simple. I've attached the...
  • $233 USD
    Profile image for Seller celebrityshocker


    Sep 11, 2013

    Fantastic work and communication.

    Project Description:I need a wordpress plugin which will create a side pop up that will link within a shadow box for the user to easily write a yelp review and google plus review
  • $850 USD
    Profile image for Seller davecash4toners


    Jul 10, 2013

    he did exactly what i asked him to do. im glad i hired him

    Project Description:The project I’m looking for is fairly simple. I want to have a website for people to have an easy way to request a quote. The website should have 5 pages a Home Page, What We Buy, Buying Process, Contact Us and About Us page...
  • $194 USD
    Profile image for Seller amberlayton


    May 14, 2013

    Sabaina was a pleasure to work with, understood the project perfectly and delivered quickly. I would recommend her to others looking for a php programmer. Much appreciated!

    Project Description:I need an admin panel created that will use these parameters (scroll down): generate a code into a file that I can php include to display...
  • $199 USD
    Profile image for Seller Bauer1


    Apr 25, 2013

    Made exactly the website I needed in a quick time frame. I would definitely hire again.

    Project Description:I need a very basic website created. It will essentially be a list of retailers that all provide the same type of items. I uploaded a quick MS Paint drawing of what I'm looking for. I'd prefer it if you...
  • $157 USD
    Profile image for Seller gsbohn


    Apr 5, 2013

    Very nice professional to work with. Always asked if he could help further. Knew exactly what I needed with my vague way of expressing it. Would hire again.

    Project Description:I have a wordpress page with music themes. Some themes have words. I would like to create a simple popup (sizeable) page to call a pre-made html page which will include lyrics and an image. There should be a call to reference the page...
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  • $222 AUD In Progress

    We are wanting to recreate/mirror our current websites as we launch into new territory in another state, we are looking to copy everything from our existing website and set it up ready for a new domain. Obviously key changes would be wording/etc to match the new state.Please view and to get an idea of what we are needing, we have unlimited hosting with Crazy Domains. You will be required to ensure the website is up and running on this domain.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    We require a basic holding page to be created for our investment business. We will obtain and pay for the domain under your advice.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Looking to build a database for cables. The lowest item here is the cable. Each cable is a type with each end having a connector type. Each cable needs to have Type, Connector A, Connector B, Color, Length, ID. Each cable will connect two ports. The two ports will generally be a Type (network, serial, power) will belong to equipment. Equipment will have many ports, and belong to a location. Equipment also needs a label for each port, so we can say Front Serial port, Power Supply 1, MB NIC 1, PCI SAS Port 0, PCI Infiniband, etc. Each location will belong to a location or Customer. Multiple levels of locations is necessary.Client A (Client) Client A Site 1 Main Telco Closet (Location) Client A Site 2 (Location) West Access Closet (Location)Client B (Client) Client A Site 1 Server Room (Location)Client C (Client) DataCenter 1 (Location) Floor 6 (Location) Cage 203 (Location) Rack 01 (Location)Will need reports to allow removal of Customer/Site/Equipment and list report of cables that will be removed, and where the other ends are. An option to return these cables into inventory at Customer/Site will be necessary, or the option to move cable inventory to global inventory. If we add an equipment, will need the ability to create multiple ports quickly. For example, a 48 port switch will have 44 copper ports, 4 combo ports, 1 power port, 1 serial port.Should be web based to allow access from any browser, including mobile.

  • $550 AUD In Progress

    See my current website, i just want to give it a more professional look using most of the content that is already there. I have some new pics and some nice press clippings i want to improve. I want to simplfy the online store offering just 3 packages and add work it so it can work out the postage costs. see

  • $750 USD In Progress

    I would like a website built like and . I have bought my domain name through godaddy and can either host it on godaddy or wix .My budget is between 750-1000 max.Thank you.

  • $70 USD In Progress

    We need a graphic that describes the flow of our company. We are a services company. One of the way we take in new clients is through the phone. We want to show what happens after a client calls CarePlanners. We have a jpg of the graphic now. It"s rough, but it shows the flow and the verbiage we"d like to use. All we need is someone with skills in graphic arts, iconography, and layout / design to polish up what we have. It"s a one sheet. I"ve attached for reference. We"d like this complete by Friday (4/20).

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $550 AUD In Progress

    We are a medical practice and need a bright new website created. Our practice has at least 4 businesses within.. Medical / Dental / Physiotherapy / Podiatry / Psychology.The website needs to introduce the Medical Centre, and then link to pages that are specific to the businesses just mentioned. We need the design done first, and we can then populate the words and get the SEO right.The website must be useable on normal computers, iPhones and iPads. It will need Google Maps help to show where we are and loads more general website information that you would normally expect.We need a changing flash banner on the front page and nice buttons (I have examples to show you)There are 2 - 3 other webstes that need to be created separately after this project (this is our first with and we would like to build a long term relationship with a good web designer.The programming must conform to industry standards. No shady tactics!Look forward to hearing from you.

  • $2000 AUD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $350 USD In Progress

    I"m a financial adviser specializing in budget development for individuals and families. I need a basic website developed, including 5 to 10 pages and a content management system. The pages will include: information page, blog page, forum, and other content to be decided upon at a later date. I already have service space set up to host the site.

  • $388 USD Yesterday

    Hi there,i have a website in WordPress.I am using a WP theme called canvas in my website. i need to redesign the same theme and produce some quality in it.only creative and experienced WordPress designer needed.thanks

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    I ONLY want to deal with the actual developer / coder and not a middle man or company of many employees.I"m looking for a "bad ass" web developer to ramp up my web design company. I want to start off by creating a wordpress theme for my own web developing company site. I"m looking for someone I can use on a regular basis. This site is mainly a test. What"s hugely important to me is how efficient your code is and the base theme you build off of. My site needs to be screaming fast. Before I choose you, I would like to test the base theme you build off of to make sure it meets my requirements. I"ve been testing base themes and so far the one on my test site is very quick. Please notice at the bottom you can see I am testing the amount of DB queries and the speed of the DB queries. I use a plugin called (WPDB Profiling) to diagnose the speed and efficiency of the theme. Please feel free to try it out on your own themes and notice the speed of mine. This is the theme currently on my site if you want to check it out. I choose this theme as a base theme can you work with it and customize it? If not what is your preferred method or base theme?Do you have a theme that incorporates the framework for SEO purposes? I prefer avoiding a plugin for this. I"ve seen functions you can add to the functions.php file that will insert this data. Do you provide different mock ups or allow me to suggest changes? What are the steps I follow if I choose you. What I want from the theme:* html5 and css3* responsive design* three vertical columns center is for content* Total width of site in full display should be 1000px* Only images when necessary* use image sprites when possible* Use only wordpress functions to get mysql data and not custom functions. * w3c compliantI would like to see some of the previous sites you created.. You be the designer and come up with professional design. I know how to code but I"m not a designer. Please provide me a price and what it includes.

  • $1250 USD 2 days ago

    I want you to build a site that is similar in function to but there will be quite a few different features.1. It will be for another country, country details will need to be changed2. Design will be similar but I will direct to how I want the design to be like3. Payment features will be different4. There won"t be as many job categories or options for information as thumbtack5. Some functions will be different - it will work a lot like in function6. I want an automated database whereby each request has a reference number and each agreed job has a reference number7. Will need a *******mobile version - please include in priceThis is not going to be a thumbtack copy (in some ways it will be easier) and you must be aware that we will have to work together on making it a unique product. There will not be a rush to get it done but a need to get it right

  • $2500 USD 2 days ago

    Hi everyone!We need a professional web development team to develop a simple, responsive website for us, which looks good on mobile devices.This is the simplest, leanest product that we plan to launch. We are really trying to keep costs to a minimum for this 1st stage of the product please. We would love to develop a long-term relationship with you, so if you do a great job, after we release it, and get feedback, we will have lots more work for you developing future functionalities for this site/app.Essentially, this 1st version allows users to:- Create a Profile- Create a Crowdfunding Project, and share it with their linked social networks- Donate to others" crowdfunding projects- Track your giving.Please note: I am not a tech or an engineer - if you notice any simpler way to do this, feel free to suggest changes to my screenflow.We would like to launch as quickly as possible (ideally: within a couple of weeks). What language do you think will be most efficient to develop this site?You"ll notice my screenflow is based on how the site will look on an iPhone. I don"t really mind how it looks on a computer - if we can focus on making it look similar to my design on smartphones, I think that"s smartest (because moving forward, most users will be using our site via their phones, but in the short-term, some users will still prefer to use the website to type their data, attach images to their profile, upload relevant .pdf when creating crowdfunding project etc...).Don"t worry so much about style/design for now - we are happy to create this as a very basic framework, and just focus on fast, robust, secure, simple functionality for now. You"ll notice I"ve added our logo as a watermark on all pages - for now, this is enough for branding I think. Maybe you can also include our basic colours, black, blue, and grey (I"ve attached our logo so you know our colors).Basically, a simple style like iOS7 is the look we are going for (but again, if it takes a lot of extra work, we can do this in a later version). After v1 has been launched, and we get feedback, we can think more about design/branding then...I hope this all makes sense - I guess the main points to remember with this project are:- Keep it Simple. Focus on usability (UX), not design.- Keep it Cheap. This is just our 1st version. We"ll be happy to invest more for future versions, AFTER you can show us the simplest, working v1.- Be creative. If you think any of my ideas are too complicated, suggest a simpler alternative - I"d love to hear your opinion!Thanks for your interest - here is our screenflow: forward to your bids soon!

  • $555 USD 2 days ago

    I am looking to create a photo stock library, based on Xpose script ( , which already has the most features I need. I will need help to set it up and customising design. Please bid with your suggestions, I am looking to start the project asap.

  • $355 USD 2 days ago

    I am looking for someone to build a simple website.I have attached a layout of what I am looking for.I do have more files (pictures, and more) to complete this projectPlease let me know if you have any questions

  • $850 USD 2 days ago

    I need to launch a Eropean website.It"s only about a 5 page website and I have the PSD and Jpeg files.I also need several other small tweaks to an existing website.From my experience this will be 1 months worth of web work.Bid $850Thanks!

  • $1250 USD 2 days ago

    Require a website designed and loaded onto InMotion Hosting. I have a similar website to use as a guide if what I require ( The colours and pics and details obviously are different. The job is not urgent but can progress at your own pace. I would like it written in HTML5 (if that makes any sense - I"m unfamiliar with the correct code terminology).

  • $666 USD 2 days ago

    I own a canvas printing website seen here: This is a customer driven website based on mySQL and PHP that allows customers to upload their digital images, select sizes, finishes, retouching desired etc. This has worked flawlessly for a few years now.I am now getting a lot of requests from people that know my work to be able to purchase canvas prints of my images instead of uploading theirs for printing.I need the ability to add a simple Gallery as seen in screen-captuer-one.jpg. Ideally it would be nice if I could simply have a "HOT" directory where I just copy JPG images of my files to that directory and have the images show up on the website with the same options that customers have when they upload their images for printing. Size, crop, finish, retouching etc.I would appreciate feedback and or questions to facilitate the project. All of the underlying architecture is in place - only the gallery section would need to be added. The site is run from an administrator console through a back-end interface = PHP.Thank you,Duncan Staples

  • $277 USD 13 days ago

    Looking for good development team. I have lot of development work and I need good and responsible team. I have worked with many companies but nobody could deliver. They should know what professionalism means and how important is to deliver on time. Happy biddingRemember you should have your own website and good portfolio and this is for long term work

  • $1042 USD Feb 18, 2014

    i want a website which allows people to post their car/boat for sale in Trinidad and Tobago for a small fee. basically they would sign up and fill out the information to post their car on the website

  • $40 USD/hr Feb 5, 2014

    I just changed themes on my wordpress site and there are a couple issues I need help with. I can describe over a chat tomorrow if you are available. The new the is "X Theme" from themeco.

  • $833 AUD Feb 4, 2014

    I require a website and have attached a draft of the layout and artwork theme.The site needs to have CMS as I will load all of the txt and image content myself.I am also interested to look at any idea"s relating to the general theme.The main goal of the brand message is to project legitimacy and quality. By that I mean I want the brand to jump out like an environmental stamp of endorsement.Just like for example the Recycle Logo or even like all of the brands that have "exploited" the Green Tree Frog.It"s also obvious that I am leveraging off the "Australia" brand. Australia and Australian products are very well branded in may markets and I can more than back up all of the claims in the message. (see attached)The absolute majority of charcoal on the market is poor quality and/or has been produced using unsustainable or environmentally unsound processes.I have drafted the attached file in PowerPoint because I don"t know how to use Illustrator or Photoshop so all artwork will need to be reproduced to the required resolution.Although I am relatively happy with the overall theme I have come up with I am interested in looking at any ideas or improvements to the theme and logo etc.

  • $66 USD Feb 3, 2014

    I am moving my domain to a new host and so I need to migrate my wordpress to a new are the two links for instructions on how to do itFirst link is Go Daddy"s insturction on how to link: will provide a link to my wordpress files to the winning bid.I will be looking for both a great price, quick turn around and evidence that migrating is something you have done before.thanksJoshua Weir

  • £222 GBP Jan 24, 2014

    we are a building contractors firm and we require a website to be created where by customers can view our credentials, previous works and contact information.

  • $50 USD Dec 6, 2013

    Need a good, colorful, sophisticated design done for a customized 21st Birthday Invitation.Preffer applicants with EXCELLENT PHOTOSHOP and CGI skills.Design will incorperate a supplied photo of the birthday person and this should merge into the design nicely.Please supply a link to samples of your work.Budget between $25 to $50 for the design.

  • $526 USD Nov 22, 2013

    We are looking for a fast, advanced PHP coder who can make change/make a script within the next hours.We have an offer for this person who is ready to work on it now.

  • £789 GBP Nov 13, 2013

    I would like a site with a similar functionality and similar feel to The home page slider functionality is very important. We have prepared a draft structure, attached. I am familiar with many design programmes, but not wordpress and the charity I represent would like to proceed with a wordpress site if at all possible, although other options with the same result will be considered. All content has been created, images, graphics etc.

  • $44 USD/hr Sep 24, 2013

    Project Description: We are looking for an expert in Wordpress custom design, we currently have a large site that requires completing with a contract for further maintenance work over the next 12 months plus. There are several static pages on the siteThe site is a crowd source site built on a Wordpress theme. You must have experience and knowledge in the following:Database design for backend Clean coding skillsPayment integrationRegistration processes for membership Creating my account pagesAlso An element of design skills ideally but not essential if your coding skills are very good.If you"re able to do the above please clearly mark at the top of your reply the word KIPPER so we know you have read all of the job description, those will be the only ones we reply to.We need this completing ASAP, so a time frame would be greatI will not be back online until 8am uk timeGood luck

  • $104 USD Sep 10, 2013

    HiI am looking to create a web based form which renders and functions nicely on an ipad & mobile devices.The form will essentially look similar the 2 forms belowAll the fields are either drop down, date, numerical or free text (will provide winning freelancer with full field information)When the form is submitted it needs to email a filled PDF or Word doc form to a specified email addressThe job is a simple one and should be easy for any good developerLike we have mentioned it will be mainly used in ipad or other mobile device but should also work on IE9/Firefox too.We would like all good ipad centered design principles used (Different Style Sheets for Different Orientations, Control Your Touch Scrolling with iScroll, Use the "Add to Home Screen" Button, Take Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, Hide URL Bar iPhone/iPad)We will consider all freelancers new and old and will choose on balance of price and feedback. We also consider new freelancers if the price is right.Please message if any questions/queries

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