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Location: MEDAN, Indonesia

Member since: September 2011



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  • £90 GBP
    Profile image for Seller SteveBuckley



    If you need something doing and doing right cheapexcell is the freelancer for you. Very reasonable price, high quality work and very meticulous to make sure our requirements were clear & met, Thanks!

    Project Description:We need a database of UK Campsites, Touring Parks and Caravan Parks. We require an Excel spreadsheet with the fields listed below. Sources for the data --------------------------
  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller ycorde


    8 days ago

    Fast and great work. Will certainly hire him again. Thanks

    Project Description:Actually we are working on a database file. Job description: - Copy some data from a website (company directory) and paste it into an excel file - You will receive an URL of a website with a list...
  • $69 USD
    Profile image for Seller acumedmedical


    10 days ago

    Excellent job and done very quickly and accurately.

    Project Description:We would like to put together a complete a database of chiropractors including the following fields: first name, last name, address, lic # and status in an excel file.
  • $115 USD
    Profile image for Seller cbajpai


    11 days ago

    Great job, great code, great communication, would recommend him highly.

    Project Description:This project is a web scraping project. You will need to be familiar with CURL and PHP5, alternatively beautiful soup/Python. The project needs to scrape URLs which are stored in a text...
  • $431 USD
    Profile image for Seller beatitudesoul


    12 days ago

    Cheapexcell you have saved the day (and my head from the chopping block)! Thank you for a job well done!

    Project Description:Hello there, I'm seeking to hire someone to scrape a particular site applying some sort of automation technique and sparse data into an Excel spreadsheet. A rather quick turnaround is very ideal. Awesome programming skills are pertinent...
  • $144 USD
    Profile image for Seller lmaus


    14 days ago

    Great work very knowledgeable.

    Project Description:I need someone who is competent in web scraping data from a website. Only experienced applicants need apply, back in of website is java and I require all information out of search return result fields...
  • $290 USD
    Profile image for Seller wmgray


    15 days ago

    Very professional. Very responsive to all requests. I highly recommend this programmer!

    Project Description:I am looking for an individual to write software to pull data off of a website. The website collects and stores data for multiple entities. There is a user interface on the front end with multiple search parameters...
  • $75 AUD
    Profile image for Seller fsbowebsite


    16 days ago

    Another excellent project. Thanks!

    Project Description:Details in inbox for 2nd project
  • $142 AUD
    Profile image for Seller fsbowebsite


    16 days ago

    Excellent freelancer.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller greenslope


    17 days ago

    Alex came through in the clutch, as always. Very efficient, highly skilled. I look forward to working with Alex again in the future!

    Project Description:Seeking a very skilled and efficient web scrapper.. We require specific information to be pulled from various sources and then formatted very specifically in excel spreadsheets.
    FastExcellentAffordable has not completed any projects.
  • $90 USD In Progress

    Hi, I think I will choose to pay in USD.So RM 284 will be about USD 90.. will it be fine with you?Let us know ya===================================================Hi Great day!I need somebody who can do the data entry (about 8000 profiles) from online resources to excel file. There are 18 fields for each profile (Name, age, email, phone number......... etc).All you need to do just COPY and PASTE. No typing is required.** The template of this data entry is as attached.Thanks and Best Regards,Darren

  • $85 USD In Progress

    I have a ASP script that communicate with a COM object. I want to save the request as a File for debug purpose.

  • $167 USD In Progress

    We need fresh Forex leads 1000Leads must contain REAL email, name, phone and country. Leads will be verified by phone call.Not from USA nor CanadaThese leads are for testing.If we are satisfied we will be buying them regularly.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Re-formatting of data in spreadsheets.

  • $110 USD In Progress

    Scrape data from a website and transfer data to excel spreadsheets.

  • $144 USD In Progress

    I am looking for an EXE to be created that will look up contact information on a spreadsheet such as first name, last name, city, and state and then look up that information on and further be able to click through to the VIEW FULL PROFILE button to scrape the age, phone number, and address information and output that data to a spreadsheet.Because there will likely be multiple results per look up, the EXE must be able to recognize that it found a match based on the first name, last name, and town.Three examples:If you go to and look up the name, city, and state of Anthony Moreschi in Needham, MA, no records come back showing a town of Needham, MA so there would be no records to return here.If you look up Peter Crist in Needham, MA the site does return a Needham, MA record however it is not the same last name therefore not a good recordIf you look up Robert Terrazzano in Merrimac, MA it returns a record for Rob Terrazzano in Merrimac, MA. This would be a good record and I would need the EXE to click through the green button that says VIEW FULL PROFILE and be able to capture/scrape the age range, phone number, and address.In a case where two good records return where the name may be common, I would like both records information captured if possible

  • $385 USD In Progress

    As discussed previously with you.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi, was hoping you can do an update to the previous project you did for me by creating a function that would search a page for data and sending an email with the results. Send me a message for more details.

  • $60 AUD In Progress

    I need the websites and email addresses from the following government website: need only the currently registered RTO"s as well as organisations which are not RTOs. There are 4889 of them.

  • $290 USD In Progress

    I would like to have an application that will import files into an access db (back end)Preferrably, I would have one Admin form (password locked) to store static values of Db Info_______DB NameDBPathdb TypeFile Info______File NameFile TypeFile backuppathDepending on the options chosen, we can use as connection strings/path order to use in connection strings in the dbThe file to be imported will be chosen from a different form (File Import)File Import form will have a button to allow the end user to select.once selected, the file will be imported to the table, timestamped, and moved to the backup path The destination db will initially be MS Access (mdb)I want this application to be built with something other than access - I will be migrating to sql server so i need the scalability. An access front end is ok if economical but C# .net application is preferred.In the end, I will want to have all of the code, and comments in US English. All source code will be open (unencrypted)I have two files. A customer file and a sales fileFrom the Customer file, a unique customer list is to be built. No truncation, just addition of new customers and updates to records of changed customersSales file - this file will be used to build a product file - unique records only.Sales Table a Table with Customer, Date, and QTY.

  • $178 USD Today

    I need to create a data scraper script that will capture information from an intranet site to which I am allowed and have permission to copy from.A client has 2 accounts for an intranet to booking dot com. The XML clients time at this site allows to filter all reservations that have been completed succsessfully.The script needs to do this:- Log in the system with user/password- Press on the XML tab at the top navigation- Filter all reservations by date from the very first data there was a reservation, there are hundreds- There is a paging navitation at the bottom that the data scrape needs to follow and extract all information- It"s all very well laid out so the capture won"t be a problemItems to be captured are:- Name, Last name- Email- Address, city- Country- PhoneThere are 2 different intranet accounts, so the data scraper should be captured in .csv files.We will need the source codes for the script, but you will be the one that runs the script on your side to capture all the information

  • $100 USD Today

    I need a developer that can create a script to goto this site. pull a days worth of data and write it to my database.on the site you would pick 1 day example start and end date of 04/23/2014 and hit submit...The resulting data ( 103 results on the 23rd, amount of results will change daily) I want added to my database...I need these fields: Name, DOB, address, city, state, zip, booking date/time, sex, race, arresting agencymake the KEY in the first table above "west_palm-{booking number from site}"then in a separate table I need the charges (not the numbers just the description) and of course have a reference so I can match the person to this offences.. ("west_palm-{booking number from site}") and description of offense (I will describe in more detail when we start...)

  • $1546 USD Today

    I am looking for a large listing of Physicians in the United States. The file needs to have the TYPE OF PHYSICIAN (specialty data is preferred but not required). I am expecting a file in the hundreds of thousands... there are around 800,000 physicians in the U.S. I need data that is recent/accurate

  • $750 USD Today

    I"m looking for a complete file of U.S. Restaurants. Large files only please. It should have recent/accurate business information along with contact information.Thanks

  • $50 USD Today

    Here is what I need:I have an excel spreadsheet with customer data (about 10 columns). Users should be able to open up the spreadsheet in excel, at the same time, they will login to a website using a browser and navigate to a registration form. Now, users should be able to copy data from a single row in the spreadsheet into the form by clicking a button on the row or activating a script (whatever is easier to develop). I don"t need to submit the form I just need to fill it out with the data from the spreadsheet.Thanks

  • €250 EUR Today

    I am looking for somebody to write a formula that will tell me the number of hours between 8am and 8pm in one column and the number of hourse after 8pm and before 8am in another column.

  • $250 USD Today

    I"m looking for a scraper written in python or perl to scrape the boxscores from from the 2005/2006 season until now. Here is a link need following data:GameIDDateGametimeAwayHomeAway team 1st period goalsAway team 2nd period goalsAway team 3rd period goalsAway team overtime goalsAway team shootout goalsHome team 1st period goalsHome team 2nd period goalsHome team 3rd period goalsHome team OT goalsHome team shootout goalsAway team scoreHome team scoreAway empty net goalsHome empty net goalsOT Logical True-Overtime, False-No overtimeShootout Logical True-Shooout, False-No shootoutPlayoffs Logical True-Playoff game, False-Not a playoff gamehome teams starting goalie + save statsaway teams starting goalieHome teams 1st period shotsHome teams 2nd period shotsHome teams 3rd period shotsHome teams overtime shotsAway teams 1st period shotsAway teams 2nd period shotsAway teams 3rd period shotsAway teams overtime shotsHome teams shotsAway teams shotsOTS Numeric Number of overtime periods(only for playoffs)Home teams power play goalsHome teams power play attemptsHome teams short-handed goalsAway teams power play goalsAway teams power play attemptsAway teams short-handed goals1st goal of the game(A-Away, H-Home)Penalty minutesHitsFO winsGiveawaysTakeawaysBlocks+Scoring Summary (i.e)1-0 PIT2-0 PIT3-0 PIT3-1 PIT3-2 PIT3-3 TIE4-3 CBJ

  • $100 USD Today

    Here is what I need: I have an excel spreadsheet with customer data (about 10 columns). Users should be able to open up the spreadsheet in excel, at the same time, they will login to a website using a browser and navigate to a registration form. Now, users should be able to copy data from a single row in the spreadsheet into the form by clicking a button on the row or activating a script (whatever is easier to develop). I don"t need to submit the form I just need to fill it out with the data from the spreadsheet. Thanks

  • $144 USD Today

    I have a similar page like and i would like to insert 3000 products from there (title, description, pictures, filter details, price, return and few other checkboxes) in my website.Lets discuss how we can work together.Thank you for your time and i will be waiting to hear from you soon

  • $110 USD Today

    The task is simple. I will give you links with 1000 items. You have to copy and paste the title, description, colors and sizes available and price into another website. You also have to copy all the photos from each listing /6-8 photos approximately in each listing, some have less, some have a little more/ and upload them into the other auction website. It requires copy and paste through screenshots. I need this done fast and accurate. No special skill are need it - you just have to paste the information on the specific places. That"s it. I will send you detailed instructions on how this has to be done. You have to read it before you start. If you are not willing to learn, please do not bid for this job.Also - if you do this job correctly, I need people on a constant basis, so more will follow. Please make sure that the deadline you are giving me is correct as there will be a penalty for each day you are late - 10% off our original agreement.Thanks for looking and good luck!

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $150 USD Yesterday

    Hai cheapexcel, I"m ridwan from jakarta Indonesia. I would like to getting job offer from you. If you interest please accept my proposal.

  • $25 USD Yesterday

    Need an application in Apex. I"ll give you the tables and data, and i need constraints, triggers and images.

  • $515 USD 2 days ago

    I need a web page that can insert, update, save and delete > 30 varichar variables, 30 text variable, and 20 integer variables into SQL 2008 or Higher.The Page Need to be able to read a text file with 25 lines of text and store each line in 25 Different Variables.The Page Need to be able to store text file with 25 lines of text using the 25 Different Variables holding the text from the read file..I need a Previous and Next button to navigate forward and backwards through the records.The page need to have a 2 Search Field that searches based on and Integer and the other a Text Field.The search should return All 30 varichar, 30 text variables and 30 integers variable to the the same form. The Insert, Update, Store and Delete Buttons Should Be Coded Individually, not a Data Grid or ect.The Page Needs a Delete All Button.The Page Needs a Delete Button for each returned record from Search ResultThe Page Need to be able to show 10 Large Pictures in Picture Boxes.The Picture url should all be "Variables" the data will be pulled from the data tables. (you do not have to show a picture just code it.)The Page needs 5 Timer that does nothing but count down displayed in 3 small label fields.All Class Objects should be apart of Visual Studio Build In Class Library.Do not use Arrays to store data. Us all Variable names varc1-var30, Int1-Int30, Text1-Text30.The code need to be codes in c#. with try-catch error catching in each method. Commenting is needed.

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    I am looking for a Freelancer to data scrape an Australian printing website, in order to obtain a COMPREHENSIVE list of prices they offer for every product, for every quantity, for every available product option.The web address of the live site will only be provided to short-listed Freelancers, however for the purposes of quoting and to see if your skills are adequate, the live site is similar to: (look at the list of products under the "Printing" menu) with the only difference being the live site will be behind a user login (I will provide the username and password).I need the data to be provided in an Excel spreadsheet. I also need the scraper to be setup as a product that I can own so that I can run it on a weekly basis or as and when I want. In addition, I have multiple user ids for the live website so the product you provide must be able to take inputs via some method for username and password.To reiterate, I need the price for every product, from every category, with every available option, with every available quantity, scraped and provided in an Excel spreadsheet. And I need to be able to repeat the data scraping every week or whenever I want so it needs to be provided in a form/script that I can take and own.Thanks and happy bidding!A

  • £2319 GBP 2 days ago

    Need some support copying information from different websites into Excel spreadsheets.

  • £1159 GBP 2 days ago

    I need to obtain data from initially 10 different websites on a timed basis so the data is updated on a variable timer ( e.g. every hour or every 4 hours ), The data collected would be saved within a mysql database. This is product and pricing information and may require secondary lookups to get all the data required. The system must be adaptable so that should the site change, the application can be adjusted to meet the requirements. The collection engine should be able to collect at adjustable speeds to stop identification of an automated function. The application should also have the ability to add additional sites and operate from multiple locations into a single central mysql database.

  • $298 AUD 3 days ago

    I need a app developed for users to view output of a select set of data, and the ability to add information to the list once it has been extracted from a SQL DB

  • $1159 USD 3 days ago

    Project Description: This is our 27th project on freelancer. We are looking for someone to help us automate our website Please apply to this job only if: - High Skills and experience on Automation- Fast worker- Long term business relation (we will continue working together with further projects). We have placed more than 20 projects on Freelancer. You will be working with a good employer. We will award this project to the freelancer based on the following criteria: 1. Bid amount $2. Feedback3. Previous related work4. Country5. Delivery Time6. Personal Message

  • $25 USD 3 days ago

    Hi,I need the following data Hotels, Restaurants, landmarks and attractions data for New York State, New Jersey State, Connecticut state and Pennsylvania state, USA organised in an excel sheet as file attached with example.please advise,best,

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